Photo : Vrai/Faux © Jean-Michel Jarillot
Les Ateliers du Vent, in partnershipw with Les Tombées de la Nuit, present
Vrai/Faux, rayez la mention inutile
Compagnie Le Phalène
Mind Tricks
From the age of 12
Les Tombées de la Nuit have teamed up with Les Ateliers du Vent, as part of COPYROOM, for two performances of this magical, theatrical little show about mind control.

How come we’re all looking in the same direction? Why do we always dream about the same things? How come we can see something that doesn’t exist? Can we live in a society, belong to a group and not all think in the same way? Vrai/Faux is an interactive, theatrical magic show with mind games, where a speaker takes illusion into the realm of rationality. The psychological experiments and magical effects soon become disturbing and disquieting, with the mind control artist reveals the audience’s personal memories and thoughts, and is able to predict a spectator’s choices in advance. Vrai/Faux asks what shapes our choices, opinions and beliefs. Paranormal powers? Psychological manipulation? Or a conjuring trick? At the end of the show, a discussion with the audience opens the debate to more philosophical, social and political questions.

Reservation recommended on à partir du 4 juin
Sunday 30 June 2024
16:00 > 16:50
Les Ateliers du Vent, 59 rue Alexandre Duval, Rennes
Sunday 30 June 2024
19:00 > 19:50
Les Ateliers du Vent, 59 rue Alexandre Duval, Rennes

5€ unique price
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