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Under the Reefs Orchestra
(France / Belgium)
Sonic instrumental trio for hypnotic trance
For everyone
Based out of Brussels for the past fifteen years, guitarist and composer Clément Nourry released his second solo album in 2017. Under the reefs features cinematic instrumental music with complex soundscapes that could have come straight from the likes of Jim O’Rourke, Fred Frith, Ornette Coleman, John Fahey or Talk. To enhance the repetitive qualities and sound textures of the album for his orchestra, he is joined by Marti Melia (bass saxophone) and Louis Evrard (drums). It’s a dynamic trio that creates powerfully hypnotic and refined trance music.

Clément Nourry regularly works as a musician with singers Nicolas Michaux and Karim Gharbi and the groups Yokaï and Joy as a Toy. They add to the various projects of the contemporary pop, rock and jazz scene in Brussels that have forged the sense of melody, rhythm and complex structures that make up the intimate language of this astute and sensitive accomplished guitar player. Two years ago, his second solo instrumental album drew from his influences to create a succession of magnificent sonic haikus, electric madrigals and obsessive tunes. Winding textures and odd measures battle with the clear line of riffs and melodies that create the soundtrack for this surprising interstellar journey. In this galaxy that never relies on technique, folk, post-rock free-jazz, pop, trance and improvised music all collided into deep, floating and sometimes spinning sound tableaus bordering on ambient music.

With Marti Melia (Flat Earth Society), Louis Evrard (Yokaï, Jawhar), Clément Nourry found the right balance and tone for his Under the Reefs Orchestra. His powerful, organic, poetic and stripped down music, hungry for wide open spaces and new musical horizons has gained new shared soul.


> CLÉMENT NOURRY [France / Belgium]

Born in Lille in 1979, Clément Nourry dropped his studies in mathematics to move to Brussels and take up music full time. After five years at a jazz conservatory, he delved into his own influences and paths, refusing to just become a ‘good guitar player’ and returning to his initial love for rock and blues. Besides exploring improvisation and work accompanying artists Nicolas Michaux and Karim Gharbi, the groups Yokaï and Joy as a Toy, and compositions for choreographer and Butoh dancer, Anne-Laure Lamarque, over the past several years he has developed his own solo projects, including his second album of sonic haikus, electric madrigals and obsessive tunes, Under the Reefs, with Cheap Satanism Records (2017). He then created the trio, Under the Reefs Orchestra. He has lived in Brussels for 15 years and has also collaborated with artists such as Ches Smith, Kris Defoort, and Pierre Vandormael.


Guitare et composition : Clément Nourry.
Batterie et guitare : Louis Evrard.
Saxophone basse : Marti Melia.

Friday 05 July 2019
20:30 > 21:30
Chapelle du Conservatoire, 30 rue Hoche, Rennes

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Station de Métro : Sainte-Anne • Lignes de Bus : C1,C5,9,51,70,71, arrêt place Hoche - 12, arrêt Fossés • Station Vélo : Place Hoche

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