Photo : Tancarville © G.Bistaki
New Work
Le G.Bistaki
Dreamlike fresco for a white sheet
For all ages

Toulouse-based company Le G. Bistaki continues its circus and scenographic investigations of the body, objects and space, focusing for this latest creation on an everyday and symbolic object – the “white sheet”. With a series of manipulations, transformations and subversions around a large structure in the shape of a clothesline, the four jugglers and dancers build a magnificent large-scale fresco in a blend of humour, poetry and absurdity.


> LE G. BISTAKI (France)

Founded in Toulouse in 2006 after an encounter between jugglers and dancers Florent Bergal, Sylvain Cousin, Nicanor de Elia, Jive Faury and François Juliot, the company defines itself as an “investigative choreographic circus” which comes together to shake up their daily artistic and stage lives. With Cooperatzia (2010), then in quartet with The Baïna Trampa Fritz Fallen (2015) and its remake Baïnana (2019), their research uses fixed or walking formats to tirelessly refine the scenic interactions between bodies, object(s), space(s) and relationship with the audience. They are joined by Katja Andersen, Florencia Demestri and Natalia Fandino, and reunited with Nicanor de Elia for Bel Horizon (2020). For the past two years, they have been working on a project for public space called Tancarville (2024). Alongside its collective creations, Le G. Bistaki develops solo artistic extensions: S’arrêter by François Juliot (2022), Au bon endroit au bon moment by Florent Bergal (2022), and more.

Billetterie en ligne
Saturday 06 July 2024
20:00 > 21:15
Parc du Thabor, cour de l’école Jean Zay, Rennes
Sunday 07 July 2024
16:00 > 17:15
Parc du Thabor, cour de l’école Jean Zay, Rennes

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Métro : Sainte-Anne • Bus : C1-C3-C5-9-12 • Arrêt de Bus : Thabor - Sainte-Anne • Vélo : Saint-Georges - Place Hoche

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