Photo : Foule sentimentale © Ivan Mathie
New Work
Movement 1 - Foule sentimentale
Suite pour transports en commun
De Chair et d'Os - Caroline Melon - artiste In Situ
Surprising fleeting performance by a variety choir
For everyone
With this first movement of the three-part piece on public transport she is working on, Bordeaux-based author and director Caroline Melon explores waiting areas and the places we pass through. In this little invisible theatre piece developed as a surprise in situ performance by De chair et d'os, actors step into the gap between isolated people turned in on themselves, to try and stir things up. With variety songs as their mode of collusion, a choir arrives and gradually takes shape, before letting daily life pick up again.

For twelve years, Caroline Melon was a director with the spoken word festival Chahuts in Bordeaux, and focused particularly on contexts for involving people and benevolence. For the last three years she has been working with De chair et d’os to develop cycles of urban performances and presentations that have all been leading towards this first movement of the three-part piece Suite pour transports en commun, which explores shared waiting areas. In a day when cities are turning into places we pass through, these controlled areas are about to come to life.

This is an uninvited theatre of surprise, accident and obstruction, in which the medium of variety songs will serve as a link for a moment of reconnection, and sudden sharing of cultural codes. It’s all based on the aptly named Foule Sentimentale (Sentimental Crowd) by Alain Souchon. Someone wearing headphones starts to hum, and gets louder and louder. A voice responds from further away, and a third joins in, until a whole little choir is in place. People exchange amused or knowing glances, as it breaks through the hard shell of the people always rushing to and fro that we are.

The sensitivity and finesse of Caroline Melon’s writing are expressed in the way it pleasantly invades daily life, through the abrupt, subtle and gentle shift designed to combat abandonment and uprooting in the places we live. This is a poetic and gently humorous subversion of the ordinary.


For twelve years, Caroline Melon was a director with the spoken word festival Chahuts in Bordeaux, in the Saint-Michel area in Bordeaux, working on the complex question of involving the poorest and most vulnerable populations, audience diversity and inventing gathering places. She left the festival in late 2016 to devote herself to artistic creation. Since then she has been developing a form of activity inspired by immersive contexts as part of the association, De chair et d’os, and her projects and productions often include local residents and guests. Her shows, performances and cycles such as Bons Baisers de Libourne, Kairos, La Tournée or La belle Joanne, always exhibit a benevolent approach with focused attention on the human participants. In Rennes, this first movement of the three-part piece Suite pour transport en commun (created in 2019) will open up her welcoming and off-the-wall world, with a clear-cut appetite for experimentation, play, mystery and surprise.


Un projet de Caroline Melon
Jeu : Christophe Andral, Sébastien Genebes, Cécile Maurice
Intervenant vocal : Emmanuel Vranckx
Mise en condition : Célie Augé
Régisseur : Mikaël Plunian
Professeur d’arabe : Driss Wahbi
distribution en cours


Production : De chair et d’os.
Coproduction : Été Métropolitain (Bordeaux Métropole), Les Tombées de la Nuit (Rennes), le Grand T – théâtre de Loire-Atlantique (Nantes), IN SITU (Réseau cofinancé par le programme Europe Créative de l’Union européenne)

Wednesday 03 July 2019
10:00 > 19:00
République, Rennes
Thursday 04 July 2019
10:00 > 19:00
République, Rennes
Friday 05 July 2019
10:00 > 19:00
République, Rennes

Station de Métro : République • Lignes de Bus : Toutes les lignes desservant le centre-ville, arrêt République • Station Vélo : République

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