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Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Slow Park
le Slow Park
Miniature funfair and theatrical installation for snails
Beware fragile beasts… The miniature funfair SLOW PARK returns to Les Tombées de la Nuit after the first installation of their twelve-spectator circus yurt at Les Étangs d’Apigné in 2015. In this hand-made Lilliputian circus for snails, slowness is celebrated with a trapeze, big wheel, rollercoasters and bed of nails, made from rusty and recycled materials. This is a patient and poetic installation in which stories are told (literally) at a snail’s pace.

When Erwann CADORET joined 2 Rien Merci to create Moulinoscope (shown at Les Tombées de la Nuit in 2011), he began creating strange apparatus for his small colony of snails, drawing inspiration from the bones, wood and rusty materials characteristic of the company (with whom he also developed Escargopolis for snails). It took him four long years to complete the funfair and finalise the performance of this improbable circus act. Since the creation of SLOW PARK at Les Tombées de la Nuit in 2015, the show has evolved at the slow pace of the snails who live and perform there, continuing the surprising adventure of this “circus for fragile beasts”, housed in a small yurt for twelve spectators.

In this new anti-spectacular celebration of slowness with snails in the same way one would use paradoxes, changes of scale and focus. Audiences discover a Lilliputian fairground with a trapeze, big wheel, rollercoasters and bed of nails in this miniature funfair for snails, whose slimy trails blend into the backdrop. With rusty wood, recycled objects, a hand-made circus, precarious attractions and slow-moving menagerie, SLOW PARK is reminiscent of Caro and Jeunet’s film Delicatessen or one of David Lynch’s disturbing creations. This utopic and quirky microcosmic city gently balanced between earth and sky encourages us to take our time, take a rest and align ourselves with the gentle pace of this slow installation for our tentacled friends. The two machine operators / circus boys and girls tell a lot of true stories… and plenty of others that could have been true. People can come and go as they like in this “house of slowness” – a strange and disturbing world that is gentle and warm, yet also uncomfortable, and which has successfully turned a dozen snails into circus artists.

Erwann CADORET’s Lilliputian experiments will be installed outside Le Vieux Saint Étienne theatre, much like during Medieval funfairs where exotic tamed animals were presented.



Erwan CADORET is a lighting engineer, handyman and clown who trained at Le Fourneau de Brest, before joining Cîrqu’enflex, Oposito and L’illustre Famille Burattini. He worked with 2 Rien Merci on the creation of Moulinoscope (2010) where he discovered snails and began work on his own project SLOW PARK, and on Escargopolis, an ongoing performance for the company. Since the creation of the funfair in 2015, David GERVAIS has been involved in the performance and installation. This builder and artist designed the Slow Park yurt and also works with Mad eo jeu, Pucking party and Manu Facto. Musician, composer and sound engineer, Julien LE VU (Electric Bazar Cie, Chunky Charcoal, etc.), designed the installation’s sounds.


Jeu: Momette, David Gervais, Erwann Cadoret / Création de l’univers sonore de Slow Park : Julien Le Vu


Festival « Les Tombées de la Nuit » à Rennes ( 35 ) / La Quincaillerie à Poullaouen ( 29 )
With the artistic complicity of Compagnie 2 Rien Merci !

Thursday 06 July 2017 > Saturday 08 July 2017
Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne, Rennes
Forecourt of Vieux St Étienne
From 8pm

Unlimited seats
Lignes a-C1-C5-9, arrêt ou Station Sainte-Anne / LE vélo STAR : Sainte-Anne

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