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Silly Walks
Cécile Barbedette, Lucie Germon, Léa Rault
Public Warm-up

Les Tombées de la Nuit and Musée de la Danse have commissioned three dancers and choreographers from Rennes to work on a project based on Jacques Tati and Monty Python’s cult sketch “Ministry of Silly Walks”. How should a group walk across a city be prepared? What are the most important things to consider when designing a collective and standout parade in the form of a choreographed urban walk? How can we give John Cleese-inspired lessons to a group of Michael Palin wannabes on how to create these double-jointed movements in their right and left legs and ridiculous turns? Cécile Barbedette, Léa Rault and Lucie Germon have accepted the challenge with these PROMENADES IDIOTES (silly walks), a set of group city walks where they will explore the principles behind both military marches and Nordic walking (fast hiking with poles), urban signs and pedestrian codes. “In 500 metres, turn left, walking over the person next to you. In 2 metres, go straight on in reverse. In 3 metres, walk one out of every two steps. Accelerate until you reach a standstill, slow down, shift into neutral. Rest on all fours. In 25 metres, go around the lamppost and take the school exit.” Absurdity and humour will play a key role in this participatory Sunday madness of disturbing and caricatural collective movements in the city centre. We strongly recommend that you bring your swimming goggles and bowler hat.

Kiosque du Thabor


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