Photo : Screws © Bart Grietens
Alexander Vantournhout
Dance performance giving new use to objects to defy the laws of physics
From the age of 12

In this series of stimulating and surprising micro-performances, Belgian choreographer Alexander Vantournhout equips his dancers with bowling balls, spiked shoes, bicycle helmets and other objects to defy the laws of physics and movement as they move about under constraint. These everyday objects that become “apparatus”, these spectacular and playful sketches combining dance, circus and performance, take us on a deep exploration of the body’s limits and our relationship with the objects that surround us.



Born in Brussels in 1989, Alexander Vantournhout studied acrobatics and juggling at the École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC) in Brussels, then joined the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (Parts) in Brussels to explore contemporary dance and performance. He founded Not standing for the solo performances Caprices (2014) and Aneckxander (2015) and his first duo, Raphael (2017), written with Bauke Lievens. After Red Haired Men (2018), a production for four performers, he followed up with Screws (2019), Through the Grapevine (2020) and Contre-jour (2021), his first show as a choreographer around a group of five performers from dance, circus and musical theatre. His work and writing are deeply influenced by the search for the creative potential in physical limitations and the relationship between performer and object. He is an artist in residence at the Viernulvier Art Center (Gent) and associate artist at the Centquatre (Paris).


Alexander Vantournhout (écriture et chorégraphie), Sébastien Hendrickx (dramaturgie), Rudi Laermans (soutien théorique), Anneleen Keppens et Martin Kilvady (aide à la chorégraphie), Jessica Eirado Enes, Nick Robaey, Charlotte Cétaire, Yassine Ouaamou, Harrison Claxton, Batist Van Baekel, Esse Vanderbruggen, Emmi Väisänen (danseurs, performers), Anne-Catherine Kunz (costumes), Rinus Samyn (régie technique), Tim Oelbrandt (éclairage), Willy Cauwelier (construction), Esther Maas (responsable de la compagnie)

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Saturday 08 July 2023
14:30 > 15:30
Départ des Halles en Commun, 24 Av. Jules Maniez, Rennes
Saturday 08 July 2023
16:30 > 17:30
Départ des Halles en Commun, 24 Av. Jules Maniez, Rennes
Sunday 09 July 2023
15:30 > 16:30
Départ des Halles en Commun, 24 Av. Jules Maniez, Rennes
Sunday 09 July 2023
17:30 > 18:30
Départ des Halles en Commun, 24 Av. Jules Maniez, Rennes

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