Photo : Rouge Merveille © Christophe Acker
New Work
In partnership with L’Agora & the cultural season Douzémois
Rouge Merveille
Compagnie Rhizome / Chloé Moglia
Dizzying solo aerial acrobatics
For all ages

Continuing her fascinating work on hanging and horizontal elevation, acrobat, performer and choreographer of the void, Chloé Moglia, has been developing female solos for her colleagues, the “suspensives”, since Bleu tenace with Fanny Austry (2021). Now with the intrepid Mélusine Lavinet-Drouet, she presents (on tour in Rennes, Laillé and Le Rheu) the delicate piece, Rouge merveille, working with her famous structure-sculptures and music by Marielle Chatain. A new aerial, magical and liberating performance that follows on from the monumental work Spire, hosted at Le Thabor gardens in 2019.



Chloé Moglia was born in 1978, and trained as a trapeze artist at the French national school of circus arts in Rosny-sous-Bois (ENACR), and then at the national centre for circus arts in Châlons-en-Champagne (CNAC), before learning martial arts. She founded Compagnie Moglice-Von Verx with Mélissa Von Vépy in the Languedoc-Roussillon region (South of France), performing several aerial acrobatics shows (winning the SACD prize for circus arts, 2007). In 2009, she established her new company, Rhizome, in Trédion, near Vannes, Brittany. She has created the solo pieces Nimbus (2007), Rhizikon (2009), and Opus Corpus (2012), Le Vertige in duet with Olivia Rosenthal (2012), Horizon (2013), Aléas (2013), Infinitudes (2014), Ose (2016), La Spire, for five acrobats and a musician (2017), Midi / Minuit (2018), 384 467 km (2019), L’Oiseau-Lignes (2019), Bleu tenace (2021), O (2022) and Rouge merveille (2024). Aerial acrobatics and martial arts are the root materials of this artistic approach, now formalised in a themed journal, Les Feuilles (2024).

Chloé Moglia has recently become an associate artist of Les Tombées de la Nuit.

Wednesday 03 July 2024
17:00 > 17:30
Place Hoche, Rennes
Bus : C1, C3, C8, arrêt Sévigné • Vélo Star : Hoche
Thursday 04 July 2024
19:00 > 19:30
Jardin du Point 21, Laillé
Bus 80 : arrêt Point du Jour
Saturday 06 July 2024
12:00 > 12:30
Devant le Centre Culturel Agora, place Jean Auvergne, Le Rheu
Bus : 54, 76, arrêt Bouleaux
Sunday 07 July 2024
17:00 > 17:30
Jardin de la Confluence, Rennes
Métro ligne b : arrêt Mabilais • Bus 2, 11, 12, 19, 53, 54, 55, 56, C4 : arrêt Chèques Postaux • Vélo Star : Chèques Postaux


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