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Les Tombées de la Nuit & Clair Obscur / Festival Travelling present
Red Line Crossers
Walking performance for four hip-hop dancers and a brass band
For all ages

In New Orleans, brass bands traditionally march to the rhythm of frenzied jazz blending African, Caribbean and European influences. As the true birthplace of jazz, the capital of Louisiana has preserved the typical energy and joy of music that naturally invites onlookers to dance.

These parades are often accompanied by First Line dancers in the front of the procession. Behind, people from the public dancing along after the artists are called the Second Line.

Highly inspired by this culture, Engrenage[s] and the musicians of brass band Fonk’Nola created Red Line Crossers. Ten musicians and four hip-hop dancers parade and perform in the heart of a neighbourhood, drawing the residents into an intoxicating frolic. This summer, join the dancing in Bréquigny.

Presented as an extension of the 2020 Travelling Film Festival in connection with the cinema of the southern United States and New Orleans, this summer procession will be followed by an outdoor twilight screening of:

Steamboat Bill Jr by Buster Keaton & Charles Reisner
1h10min – 1928 – United States

Young William Canfield returns from attending college to find his father, the Mississippi owner and captain of an old paddle steamer, Steamboat Bill. To the great disappointment of his father, William falls in love with Kitty, the daughter of the rich owner of the competing riverboat company.

Famous for its spectacular end cyclone sequence, Steamboat Bill Jr is one of Buster Keaton’s greatest films, made at the height of his career. It is also regarded as one of the last silent film masterpieces.


Danseurs et danseuses : Marie Houdin, Virginie Savary, Chonbura Houth (Cambo) et Shane Saunier
Musiciens : Franck Beele (trompette), Arnaud Lécrivain (trompette), Alexandre Tanet (sax alto), Guillaume Sené (sax baryton), Geoffroy Deschuyter (trombone), Quentin Mauduit (trombone), Erwan Camper (sousa), Eddy Leclerc (guitare électrique), Geoffroy Langlais (caisse claire), Benoit Rutten (grosse caisse)
Costumes : Noémie Bourigault, avec la participation de Grégory Jouis

Thanks to MJC Bréquigny – & Direction de Quartier Sud-gare/Bréquigny

Friday 30 July 2021
Quartier Bréquigny, Rennes
Timetable at come

Free entrance

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