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Raoul Vignal
Talitres Records
Raoul Vignal’s first album was a stroke of genius and a sumptuous interpretation of folk music... Now in a trio, this singer and guitarist from Lyon strikes the perfect balance between humble dexterity and top-quality songwriting.

Raoul Vignal’s first album, The Silver Veil, had barely hit the shelves in early spring when sharp-eared critics and music lovers were already comparing him to the masters Nick Drake, John Martyn and Leonard Cohen, or even famous fingerstyle guitarists such as Davey Graham or John Fahey. These comparisons with the greats clearly demonstrate the heights to which this ethereal and self-assured songwriter has risen and the boundaries he has broken. However, they fail to capture the unique texture of his songs with their organic and delicate beauty, and to describe the tight melodies with smoothened edges, as if a master hand had sculpted them in the mist. This kind of signature style, a far cry from commercial folk, cannot be achieved without long hard inner work, which Raoul Vignal has been doing since 2010. He has taken the time to forge his language and refine it through any genre that caught his fancy, including earthy blues, garage rock, pop and atmospheric music. After this long period of musical discovery, The Silver Veil was born and Raoul Vignal discovered a natural authority for presenting his masterpiece to audiences. His humble yet undeniable talent for the guitar serves the sole purpose of musical harmony, blending perfectly with double bass player Morgane Moulin and drummer Lucien Chatin. A sublimely transparent voice, reminiscent of Benoît Burello (Bed), José González or Gareth Dickson, carries the song with breathing so natural it literally inspires new life into each piece. Raoul Vignal also breathes new life into the art of songwriting, proving once again that he still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.


Raoul Vignal was born in Lyon and made his musical debut with Snake Fuzz Moan, a solo blues project, while also working on a variety of collaborations (the band PHM, double act Volcan, etc.). He lived in Berlin from 2013 to 2015, where he regularly produced songs and recorded his first album, The Silver Veil. Now back in France, in recent months he has played alongside artists such as Shannon Wright, Vashti Bunyan and Seabuckthorn.


Chant, guitare : Raoul Vignal / Contrebasse, chant : Morgane Moulin /Batterie : Lucien Chatin

Saturday 08 July 2017
20:30 > 21:30
Chapelle du Conservatoire, 30 rue Hoche, Rennes
La chapelle du conservatoire, RENNES

8 € (Excluding rental fees) / 4€ (rate sortir)
250 people
Lignes a-C1-C5-9, arrêt ou Station Sainte-Anne / LE vélo STAR : Place Hoche
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