Photo : Queen of the Meadow © Olivier Seguin
Queen of the Meadow
Illuminated delicate chamber folk
For everyone
Queen of the Meadow is straight out of Bordeaux. French-American singer-songwriter and performer Helen Ferguson met Julien Pras (veteran of the Bordeaux underground pop rock scene with bands such as Calc and Mars Red Sky) a few years ago to create songs full of nimble fingers, grace, choirs and cascading harmonies. With two albums (Aligned With Juniper - 2016 and A Room to Store Happiness - 2018) following in the footsteps of Elliot Smith’s layered melodies, Bert Jansch’s subtle folk and Vashti Bunyan’s mellow pop, Queen of the Meadow has definitely found its niche with its floaty and ethereal European folk.

After learning piano and bass guitar alongside the likes of Emily Jane White, Helen Ferguson started playing the guitar at the age of 27 in order to compose her own songs as a catharsis to her emotions and a defence against the inner tsunamis of her soul. With the help of Julien Pras’ delicate arrangements, Queen of the Meadow’s songs express a leafy grace, somewhere between the lightness of pop and seriousness of folk, influenced by Simon & Garfunkel’s harmonies and the British neo-medieval style. The songwriter has the gift of producing feverishly delicate harmonies and bittersweet melancholy as she takes you by the hand and spills her most intimate secrets in this chamber folk.

Empty Room is peaceful and reassuring, yet filled with hidden corners and mystery boxes just waiting to be opened. It is a gentle retreat for those in search of warmth and well-being. Helen Ferguson’s beautiful voice will echo off the walls of the Chapelle du Conservatoire, bringing her soft and luxurious folk to life.


French-American singer-songwriter Helen Ferguson’s project, Queen of the Meadow, came out of an encounter with Bordeaux-based musician Julien Pras (Calc, Mars Red Sky, etc.), who added his arrangements to her intimate, stripped-back pieces, after working as her teacher and Pygmalion. The duo’s first album, Aligned With Juniper, came out in 2016 under Dutch label Tiny Room Records, communicating urgency and catharsis, before continuing with A Room To Store Happiness (2018) distributed by Poitiers-based label Only Lovers Record. Her ethereal, melancholic and intimate folk has become lighter and more assertive, with multiple vocal layers and gentle guitar arpeggios. Queen of the Meadow has been on tour for the past year to promote the new album and its smooth, unimpeded indie folk grows stronger every day.


Voix et guitare : Helen Ferguson
Guitare, batterie, piano, chœur et percussions : Julien Pras

Thursday 04 July 2019
20:00 > 21:00
Chapelle du Conservatoire, 30 rue Hoche, Rennes

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Station de Métro : Sainte-Anne • Lignes de Bus : C1,C5,9,51,70,71, arrêt place Hoche - 12, arrêt Fossés • Station Vélo : Place Hoche
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