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Public Juke Box
Kristof Kintera
(Czech Republic)
Sound sculptural installation

What do you get when a visual artist seeks to create a sculpture to evoke the emotive power of music? The answer is this strange phonebooth installation with a loudspeaker system perched on the top of a flagpole. KRISTOF KINTERA has included an extremely diverse playlist, ranging from music (Strauss marches, klezmer tunes, Sex Pistols, a Beethoven sonata), human noises (a speech by Vaclav Havel, a call to prayer, shamanic chants) and environmental sounds (storm, whale songs). Spectators can set this surreal jukebox playing with a one-euro coin, but it gradually becomes a disruptive element by playing on the geopolitical context, sometimes trying the audience’s patience.

Etangs d’Apigné
4pm > 1am


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