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Les Pheuillus – Vegetal Guardian Angels
Compagnie Le Phun
Walk show

Creatures made of leaves came out from the west of Rennes and seem to move down by the river. The rumor grows, they would have been seen during the first week end of the festival near by the sperm whale. There is no much informations about these vegetal characters. They were born before summer in the Liffré forest moving slowly to the west. Animal or more often human, les pheuillus usually turn into the first being they meet, creating a vegetal world. Quite and distant les pheuillus watch us as vegetal guardian angels. Now from Saint-Cyr dock to Apigné.

ATTENTION, le départ des visites a lieu FERME DE VIEUXVILLE, 15 mn à pied de la base nautique d’Apigné

Entre le quai Saint-Cyr et Apigné
4pm > 6pm

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