Photo : Peter Von Poehl © Julien Bourgeois
le festival Travelling in partnership with les Tombées de la Nuit presents
Peter Von Poehl
Blue Suede Songs

PETER VON POEHL’s universe has no bounds. Coming into the public eye in 2006 with his album Going to where the Tea Trees Are, the multifaceted musician, passionate collaborator (Bertrand Burgalat, Marie Modiano, etc.) and nomad is constantly redefining his craft and playing fields.
In 2011, he captivated the Tombées de la Nuit audience with a performance at the Opéra, where he was accompanied by a brass band and a pair of percussionists, showing a new take on his airy pop. The following year, he presented his album, Big Issues Printed Small, with a guitar and cello duo at Lucien Rose Square, to announce the programme for the 2012 edition of the festival.
His participation at the Travelling festival is the opportunity for him to share his love of cinema. The avid film buff has composed film soundtracks (including Valérie Donzelli’s Main dans la main) and will be opening the evening session on Sunday 25 February with his fourth album, Sympathetic Magic, on the stage at l’Étage.

The next day, Von Poehl will participate with Olivier Marguerit aka. O, in the Master Class “Music Composition for film”.

Sunday 25 February 2018
21:00 > 22:30
Le Liberté, Rennes

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