Photo : Karine de Barbarin
Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Compagnie Furinkaï
(France - Chile)
Dance solo and spectacular metamorphosis of a folding metal container
Japanese dancer and acrobat SATCHIE NORO and artist and set builder SILVAIN OHL come together in an incredible and spectacular choreographic piece involving a folding container. Somewhere between an art installation, contemporary dance and circus arts, ORIGAMI plays with a huge metal structure which is gradually tamed by this apparently slight woman. A moving body and travelling metal structure come together in a fascinating act of choreographic imitation.

We already brought you an emotional and spectacular encounter between a dancer and mechanical digger (Transports exceptionnels by Beau Geste in 2006 and 2012). Now it is time to witness the taming of a giant 12 m long metal container by a dancer, choreographer and acrobat with martial arts training. SATCHIE NORO continues to create performances that draw on contemporary dance, circus arts and travelling installations by teaming up with artist and set builder SILVAIN OHL for this spectacular metamorphosis of a giant metal structure, which is cut apart as if it were a toy.

In this giant game of building blocks, the container, a “refuge, home, creative box, shack and more…” for its creators, is folded and unfolded, becoming a stage, receptacle, volume, weight, counterweight, rectangle, square and triangle. The dancer hangs, curls up and breaks free, playing with emptiness and fullness to create vanishing lines, correlations, illusions of scale, breakaways and harmonies with this metal monster. “I try to breathe in time with the material, to memorise and integrate the space into the movement, creating a kind of internal cartography”, explains SATCHIE NORO. The performance is accompanied by music by composer Fred Costa in this improbable montage that sees the dancer and circus performer’s precise movements and strength gradually subvert our vision of the material, forging an organic, mechanical and poetical encounter of these opposing “bodies”.

With its original choreography, ingenious mobile, adaptive installation and innovative use of public space, this 2015 production by FURINKAÏ brilliantly succeeds in playing with the spectacular and intimate, breaking down the divisions between art installations, contemporary dance, music and the circus arts.


SILVAIN OHL was born in the port city of Le Havre and is naturally fascinated by containers and the childhood memories of the port that they evoke. After graduating in the mechanics of gravity and travelling, in 1984 he threw himself into the world of showbusiness as a set builder, designer and actor working for companies such as Ilotopie, Générik Vapeur, Jo Bithume, La Machine, Satchie Noro, Groupe F and Cirque Ici. The very personal set creation for ORIGAMI is his first work within FURINKAÏ

SATCHIE NORO started out in her father’s Aikido dojo, before beginning ballet classes and going on to join the prestigious Deutsche Oper Berlin at the age of 16. While pursuing a career in ballet, she discovered contemporary dance and the alternative and daring performances of the city’s thriving underground scene. In 2002, she added aerial techniques to her repertoire at the Les Noctambules circus school in Nanterre. The same year, the Franco-Japanese choreographer founded her own company, FURINKAÏ, which she defines as a “place for research, encounters and the creation of choreographical works, performances and installations that draw on a variety of disciplines (dance, circus, music, construction, photography, etc.)”. She has collaborated with directors such as Adrien Mondot, Carlotta Sagna, James Thierré, Michel Shweizer and Pierre Meunier as a dancer and circus performer and also created various solo performances, including Les Absents (2011), and Bruissement de pelles (2016), a choreography using objects in tandem with clown Dimitri Hatton. In 1999, she was awarded a residence with Alain Rigout at Villa Kujoyama (Kyoto) and in 2012 she was awarded the Hors-les-Murs grant by the Institut Français, during which she created the film “Retour à Ominato”, showing 42 days of dance and sea on a container ship travelling from Marseille to Tokyo.

Sillas” is the company’s 2017 production, bringing together SILVAIN OHL and SATCHIE NORO once again.


Projection, Conception : Satchie Noro et Silvain Ohl / Construction : Silvain Ohl et Eric Noël / Danse : Satchie Noro / Création musicale version française : Fred Costa, avec la voix de Maia Barouh / Création musicale version chilienne : Carlos Canales / Lumière et régie générale : Thierry Arlot / Costumes : Karine De Barbarin

En France : La Briqueterie, CDC du Val-de-Marne / Le Centre culturel de La Norville / Théâtre d’Arles, scène conventionnée pour les nouvelles écritures / Les Noctambules de Nanterre / Avec le soutien du Conseil Général de l’Essonne et de la Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Île-de- France – Ministère de la culture et de la communication / Avec l’aide d’Arcadi Île-de-France, Dispositif d’accompagnements.
Au Chili : Institut Français Paris / Institut Français de Santiago du Chili / Teatro Container / Les Noctambules de Nanterre / Compagnie Furinkaï

Le Citron Jaune, Centre National des Arts de la Rue / Brand & Nuance / Groupe F / Le Théâtre Brétigny / Sud Side et leur atelier / Taller Litré

Friday 07 July 2017 > Saturday 08 July 2017
Place des Lices, Rennes
Place des Lices, RENNES
7pm & 10:45pm

Ligne C2, arrêt Les Lices / LE vélo STAR : Les Lices
cognitif moteur visuel
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