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Ay-Roop Festival in partnership with les Tombées de la Nuit presents
On a la dalle !
Stronger together

Workshops, introductions to circus and short film screenings are on the menu for On a la Dalle!, a fun day dedicated to acrobatics. Joan Català will present Pelat, his touching solo production incorporating theatre, dance and circus, in a wonderful combination of artistry and collective action, humour and physical performance. Gather around, he needs you, and your help… Joan Català arrives alone, carrying a heavy wooden pole on his shoulders and a metal bucket as his only props. Inspired by traditional Catalan celebrations around the Cockaigne pole or castells, he uses his body in a new kind of ballet, guided (and put off balance) by the wood. He turns, bends, lifts, looks… something is in the works. But to succeed, he will need to bring people together, join their forces and inspire solidarity. Pelat is a beautiful metaphor about the sense of community and the collective.

Sunday 08 April 2018
14:00 > 18:00
Dalle Kennedy, Rennes
More information > 02 99 78 29 19
The association is supported by the City of Rennes, the Brittany Region and the Ille-et-Vilaine Department

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