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New Work
No Land
Olivier Mellano – with Brendan Perry and le Bagad de Cesson
Free as flow, strong as current

Léon-Paul Fargue once said that “borders only exist for those who do not travel”. Olivier Mellano is a determinedly nomadic musician, drawing inspiration as widely as possible, while cultivating an ever-shifting identity. His new work, No Land, is another example of this utopian approach. He has drawn on the emblematic Breton bagad (pipe band), with its bombards, bagpipes and drums, but reinterpreted the traditional codes, exploring its hidden sounds to create an unusual, swelling anthem that rises above conventional customs to embrace the immense vastness of the world.


Olivier MELLANO – composition, basse
Brendan PERRY – chant
Bagad de CESSON (30 musiciens) – bombardes, cornemuses, caisses claires, percussions

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