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Les Tombées de la Nuit in partnership with the city's sports service present
Museum of the Moon
Luke Jerram
The wet side of the moon
British artist, LUKE JERRAM has created a moon with this seven metre-diameter helium filled and internally lit sculpture featuring incredibly accurate details from NASA imagery. In a perfect coming-together of artwork and art installation, MUSEUM OF THE MOON will be suspended over Saint-Georges Swimming Pool (Rennes), like an invitation to dream, to celestial contemplation, or a moonlight swim.

Luke JERRAM is no stranger to large-scale sculptures, art installations and performances in public space. His giant waterslide, Park and Slide has toured around the world, just like his musical hot air balloons in Sky Orchestra or his acoustic wind pavilion, Aeolus. Last year, he began building a giant moon. The seven-metre diameter helium inflated sphere is printed with high-resolution (120dpi) NASA imagery and is lit from the inside. It is like the benevolent halo of an incredible travelling ray of moonlight, where each centimetre represents 5 km of lunar surface, capturing the geography of its valleys and craters in extraordinary detail.

However MUSEUM OF THE MOON is much more than just a demonstration of technical and scientific prowess. It creates a personal connection with the nocturnal sky, heightening the experience of gazing at a “full moon” by generating a sense of nearness. The installation exudes extraordinary gentleness and inspires reflection, contemplation, celebration, and respect. Like a cultural mirror of humanity that transcends time and cultures, the image of this lunar body takes us back to an intimate, primitive, childlike and poetic perspective. MUSEUM OF THE MOON will suddenly appear on a Sunday morning in Rennes, and hover over the main swimming pool at St. Georges Swimming Pool in Rennes for three weeks. Above the water, the awe-inspiring art piece will meld into the regular life of the building, its hours and uses. It will shine round-the-clock so that anyone can come for a “moonlight swim” under the sculpture and enjoy the amazing and deeply moving experience it is bound to procure.

For this presentation in Rennes, TOMBÉES DE LA NUIT is the producer of the second copy of the inflatable sculpture.


Museum of the Moon Accreditation to be incorporated in to marketing materials:

Museum of the Moon has been co - commissioned by a number of creative organisations brought together by Luke Jerram and Norfolk
& Norwich Festival.
These include : At-Bristol, Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, Lakes Alive, Provincial Domain Dommelhof, Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, Without Walls and Les Tombees de la Nuit, Rennes.

The artwork has also been created in partnership with the UK Space Agency, University of Bristol and The Association for Science and Discovery Centres.

Piscine Saint-Georges, RENNES
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