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Surprise migratory flight of seagulls in the sky

Rennes’ company of artists, LES ŒILS, has been a key partner of TOMBÉES DE LA NUIT for a number of years. Their prototype of MOUETTES (Seagulls) installed last year at the Étangs d’Apigné sparked our imagination. So they’ll be back throughout the year for surprise poetic migratory flights around the city’s skies.

With their light, spatial and art installations and their set designs for festivals and public events, from the “Dome” on Le Mail François Mitterrand, to the “Wireless” installation at the Étangs d’Apigné or the spatial installation for the Jardin du Thabor, LES ŒILS has been an important scenographic partner of recent editions of TOMBÉES DE LA NUIT. “When the first flight of MOUETTES took place at the Étangs d’Apigné last year, we knew we had a fascinating and poetic prototype for public space events. It was just natural that a specific piece bringing together artists from Rennes and our festival be brought to life.”

The white motorised wings mounted on poles evoke movement, symbolic flight and an airy sense of lightness and freedom. This evolving installation art piece once again reflects LES ŒILS’ unique and quirky knack and ingenuity for creating dreams and immersing us into parallel universes. These travelling seagulls are designed for movement, with the idea of flights that migrate to different locations. Between land and sea, no one knows when ten or twenty of them will pop up in some public space, in different locations in and around Rennes.

For their symbolic first flight, LES MOUETTES will start in Laillé, one of the festival’s well-known stomping grounds. They’ll flap their wings for a collective flight in the middle of a field bordering the motorway into Rennes to the great surprise of people driving past, before migrating to other secret locations, so we’d better not say anything more about it!

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre de Rennes, Rennes

Ligne C2, arrêt Les Lices / LE vélo STAR : Les Lices

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