Photo : Molar © M.Ballestin
Quim Bigas
(Spain / Denmark)
Choreographed body exploring happiness in a crowd
For all ages
In this impromptu solo in public space, Catalan dancer and choreographer Quim Bigas offers a performance around joy and different representations of happiness, exploring our group representations and individual reactions to certain stimuli. A highly physical dervish dance, communication through sharing bodies, communion in motion that leads us to question stereotypes, and our own way of moving and expressing our emotions through movement.

A dancer turns up in public space, in the middle of the crowd, stirring, shaking and dancing, inspired by the different representations of “happiness”. Happiness, as seen in Molar as a performative state, with its established rules of behaviour and its embodiments perfectly mastered by advertisers. The Catalan dancer has chosen to explore its representation and emotional commodification in today’s Western societies with this choreographic performance, played since 2016 throughout Europe in Spanish, Italian, English, German and French versions.

Engaging his body in a series of movements, motions and choreographic sequences aimed at sharing this state of “comfort” with the audience community by bringing them together around the body and getting them moving, Quim Bigas reaches out and connects with the expression of collective emotions. While happiness is persistently presented to us as something we can buy and constantly seek out, Molar reminds us, through movements and choreography, of the importance of social interaction and the strength of information processes in our representations.


> QUIM BIGAS (Spain, Denmark)

Born in Malgrat de Mar, Catalonia, Quim Bigas Bassart spends his time between Barcelona and Copenhagen. He works on choreography, dramatic art and information processes, and in 2017, began focusing on projects that use dance and movement to explore the sense of belonging. In his various creations, he often uses documentary processes in an attempt to unfurl the possibilities of long time spans in choreography. From 2018 to 2021, he was part of the European project Dancing Museums, in collaboration with Fundació Mirò (Barcelona) and Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona). At the same time, he was also part of the European project More Than This, in collaboration with University Carlos III (Madrid) and Mateo Feijóo Naves Matadero (Madrid). Since 2018, he has been a choreography professor at Den Danske Scenekunstskolen (Copenhagen) and continues to tour with Appraisers (2011), Molar (2016) and The List (2018) throughout Europe.


Conception, mise en scène et jeu : Quim Bigas
Assistant mouvement : Soren Linding Urup
Regard extérieur : Diego Gil Tizzoni
Vidéo : Quim Bigas
Voix françaises : Alice Pons, Nicolas Chevalier et Aina Alegre
Régie et son : Pau Matas
Production : Anna Bohigas et Inés Lambisto.

Friday 08 July 2022
22:30 > 23:20
Place Sainte-Anne, Rennes
Saturday 09 July 2022
16:00 > 16:50
Place Sainte-Anne, Rennes
Saturday 09 July 2022
22:30 > 23:20
Place Sainte-Anne, Rennes

Métro : Sainte-Anne • Bus : C1, C5, 9, et 12, Arrêt Sainte-Anne • Vélo Star : Sainte-Anne

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