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New Work
Les Tombées de la Nuit in partnership with les services funéraires de la ville present
Au milieu d’un lac de perles
David Rolland chorégraphies
Particpatory audio tour
From 12 years old

In 2009, DAVID ROLLAND presented a version of his work “Les Lecteurs”. In 2015, he returned to Les Tombées de la Nuit, performing “Happy Manif” on the streets of Mail François Mitterrand and Les Horizons. This year, the Nantes-born choreographer will present an in situ creation consisting of a participatory audio tour around Rennes’ northern cemetery. This quirky offering in such a symbolic place could obviously only take place in the context of this kind of long-term collaboration. Our positive relationship with the city’s funeral directors (following Patrice de Bénédetti’s spectacular “Solo pour un monument aux morts”) and this sensitive yet amusing artist means that we can issue France’s first invitation to stroll around a cemetery.
“Au milieu d’un lac de perles” is a walking tour for two people. Each person collects an MP3 player, which plays a different soundtrack to their partner, featuring a mix of stories, music, cinematographic or literary references and a voice-operated system to guide movement and actions. The cemetery becomes the backdrop to a physical and psychological journey through a variety of religious funeral rites. Strangely enough, this journey also highlights the present day. You may wonder if we’re joking…
DAVID ROLLAND has mastered the art of twisting relationships between bodies and movement and he sees dance as a collective experience and an encounter in public space. His specific work on walking tours forces us to change our opinions of our behaviour.
This encounter centred on humanity takes on a special meaning among the tombstones of Rennes’ beautiful historic cemetery.



Nantes-born choreographer David Rolland enjoys acting, inventing and surprising. But above all, he likes to bring people together so that they can experience dance and social practice, helping them to discover a whole other form of choreography. His participatory processes are accessible to all (production of non-verbal communication gestures, journeys, imitation, focus on details), leading spectators to explore the position of the dancer and their own perception of dance as a communication tool. David Rolland’s creations include Les lecteurs (collective choreographies, 2004); C’est bien d’être ailleurs aussi (2006); Pavillon (2006, in collaboration with Anne de Sterk); Êtes-vous donc? (2009); L’étranger au paradis (2011); Happy Manif (2011); his first solo performance, Penchez-vous sur mon berceau! (2013, choreographical and theatrical self-portrait) and [Circuit] (2016), an intimate journey through mobile architecture. David Rolland’s work has featured a variety of choreographic experiences and experiments, with professional dancers and non-dancers, playgrounds, individual or group tours, front-facing formats and work on navigation systems for the actors on stage. After “Les Lecteurs” (2009), “Happy Manif” at the 2015 Les Tombées de la Nuit utterly transformed our view of the Mail François Mitterrand district and the Les Horizons plaza. This moving audio adventure is now branching out into Rennes’ northern cemetery.


Conception et écriture  : David Rolland / Composition musicale et montage sonore : Roland Ravard

Saturday 08 July 2017 > Sunday 09 July 2017
Cimetière du Nord, Avenue Gros Malhon, Rennes
Cimetière du Nord, Rennes
1:30pm to 5:30pm

45 mn (departure every 2 minutes)
Lignes C2-12 arrêt Cimetière Nord / LE vélo STAR : Auberge de jeunesse

moteur def_visuel
Visually impaired : come with an accompanying person
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