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Twenty-five years have passed since L’avenir est devant and Pascal Bouaziz is still holding the destiny of Mendelson in the palm of his hand and at arm’s length. For this planned ending, with a seventh album wittily and ironically entitled Le dernier album (The last album), the cold beauty, cutting words, dark humour and slow fury of the group are let loose on this free, sensual and fervent record. Their haunting concert will captivate the Chapelle du Conservatoire.

Coinciding with Médiapop Éditions’ release of Mendelson Intégrale (1995-2021), a collection of the writings of Pascal Bouaziz for his group, the album is a tribute to their adventure in rock ‘n roll and music. The singer, guitarist and songwriter will have taken us on a winding journey, with his penchant for biting irony, along an extraordinary path filled with real artistic ambition. He spent less time grappling with a lack of public success and relative media disinterest. Through seven albums, Mendelson has forged a unique and uncompromising path, filled with raw and brutal poetry, hard-hitting and unsettling lyrics, spoken word, melancholy and anger. This ardent critic of half-hearted efforts also teamed up with Jean-Michel Pirès to create the sonic explosion and unfiltered textual flow of Bruit Noir. He has since been working with Michel Cloup and Julien Rufié on the compelling stage adaptation of Joseph Ponthus’ book, À la ligne.

Opening with Algérie, a deeply moving twenty-minute track, Le dernier album is a dazzling and disturbing masterpiece that is as musical as it is literary and as fiercely autobiographical as it is strangely universal. The spoken voice draws the listener in, telling the intimate story of a life without success, settling all accounts before self-destruction. It is reminiscent of the styles of Bashung’s L’Imprudence, Nick Cave, Mark Hollis and Leonard Cohen. “It’s not so terrible to die a bit,” concludes Pascal Bouaziz in a final macabre drum roll. Mendelson’s sacrifice will continue on stage for its faithful fans and to the delight of others discovering them for one last time.


Founded in Paris in 1995 by Pascal Bouaziz and Olivier Féjoz, Mendelson was quickly signed to the Nantes-based record label, Lithium (Dominique A, Diabologum, Programme) and released L’Avenir est devant (1997). Quelque part (2000) stretched their ideas and music even further by experimenting with free jazz. The lyrics and unique soft voice of singer-songwriter and guitarist Bouaziz are now, more than ever, the guiding light and raison d’être of this shape-shifting group. Seuls au sommet (2003) and the double album Personne ne le fera pour nous (2008) followed and were widely praised by the critics. After a break, Mendelson joined the record label Ici d’ailleurs for a radical self-titled triple album (2013). Pascal Bouaziz then released Haikus (2016) under his own name, followed by the acrid Sciences Politiques (2017), which turned well-known English political songs from the likes of Springsteen, Cohen, and Sonic Youth into re-written versions adapted into French. He founded the raging robotic duo Bruit Noir with Jean-Michel Pirès, before joining the Michel Cloup Duo for the stage adaptation of Joseph Ponthus’ À la ligne. With the five songs on Le dernier album (2021), Pascal Bouaziz officially puts an end to Mendelson.


Pascal Bouaziz (chant, guitare), Jean-Michel Pires (batterie), Sylvain Joasson (batterie), Pierre-Yves Louis (guitare), Quentin Rollet (saxophone), Jean-Baptiste Julien (claviers) et Nicolas Crosse (contrebassiste).

Wednesday 29 December 2021
19:30 > 21:00
Chapelle du Conservatoire, 30 rue Hoche, Rennes

5€ full price, 2€ Sortir! price (+ booking fee)
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