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Sébastien Wojdan - Cie Galapiat
Circassian Performance at Breath of Breath

SÉBASTIEN WOJDAN throws himself heart and soul into this full-on, circus-trance, punk poetry performance with a seedy aesthetic. With music, dance and juggling acts incorporating sledgehammers, knives and axes, he explores the relationship between circus and the world. With speed and skill, he boldly defies gravity, drawing the audience in with the urgency and intensity of a long-distance runner pushing his own limits, in a bewitching stage set that has the intimacy of a boxing ring.


De et avec: Sébastien Wojdan Mise en piste: Sébastien Wojdan/Gilles Cailleau Distribution: Guillaume Sauzay (Gus), Elice Abonce Muhonen (regard complice), Pierrot Usureau (création lumière), Sébastien Wojdan (scénographie), Sébastien Wojdan, Benjamin Bottinelli Hahn, Luc Mainaud (construction), Nanda Suc (regard chorégraphique), Pierrot Usureau ou Lois Chauloux ou Pauline Aussibal (régie lumière et accessoires), Mikaël Remigereau ou Franck Beaumard (régie son et accessoires), Lucile Mulliez et Emmanuelle Nonet (administration) Sur des musiques de Sébastien Wojdan, Tsirihaka Harrivel, Ibrahim Maalouf, Jacques Brel…

Apigné - Base Nautique
10:30 pm

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156 people

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