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Sentimentale Foule
Arthurian legend embodied in collective theatrical embroidery
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Inès Cassigneul has developed a theatrical and textile adventure to breathe new life into the Arthurian legend of Elaine of Astolat, a maiden who died of her unrequited love for Sir Lancelot, in a piece that questions the feminine archetype of both the sleeping beauty and the weaver. After collective embroidery workshops to recreate the enormous Game of the Goose woven by the heroine, the La Carte d’Elaine performance will be developed in September at the Théâtre de Lorient (CDN). The festival will be an important step in this work, with a two-day embroidery marathon as part of the OpUS creation (Le Grand Débarras) and for a limited time at Les Ateliers du Vent on Sunday. These collective workshops will create the project’s centrepiece throughout Les Tombées de la Nuit.

The story consists of Elaine of Astolat embroidering an immense Game of the Goose. The embroidery is a symbol of the heroine’s initiation and depicts a ravaged island of love. To recreate this legendary piece, the collective embroidery will feature 63 squares, assembled into a 5 m2 patchwork that portrays the Game of the Goose created by Elaine. This textile creation will then be used as the backdrop to the phantasmagorical performance La Carte d’Elaine.

The embroidery will be based on the version written by young Englishwoman Elizabeth Brown in the 19th century, which describes the Game of the Goose”, explains Inès Cassigneul. “The drawing was produced by comic strip creator Sophie Guerrive. We are building an imaginary heritage, or rather a “sheritage” or female heritage.

This theatrical adventure takes the form of an energetic textile workshop, which started in February 2018 in the region around Rennes (Bécherel, Hédé-Bazouges, etc.) and is now coming to Rennes. Anyone can take part and embroider at their own pace to support the creation of Sentimentale Foule and bring fiction to life. The centrepiece of the embroidery will be created at Les Tombées de La Nuit.


Sentimentale Foule is a French non-profit organisation created in Rennes to explore the performing arts (performance and visual arts), with Inès Cassigneul (author, actor, director and embroiderer) as artistic director and Paul Dupouy (grassroots education officer and socio-cultural coordinator). The company’s projects use cartographical language to explore lines of thought, places of memory, tangled feelings and imaginary geographies. They create new maps and stories to discuss and challenge shared and specific places. La Carte d’Elaine, ou la reverie d’une jeune fille (Elaine’s Map, or the dream of a young maiden) is a textile performance that will be created in November 2019 at the Centre Dramatique Nationale de Lorient. The company will mix collective embroidery workshops and events (a recreation of a huge embroidery known as the “Game of the Goose” will serve as backdrop) and a theatrical performance comprising an actor and musician.


Conception : Inès Cassigneul.
Dispositif : Cosmos Merguez
Technique et maîtrise de l’ouvrage textile : Muriel Fry.
Coaching et animation des marathons : Muriel Fry, Delphine Guglielmini et Inès Cassigneul.

Friday 05 July 2019 > Saturday 06 July 2019
21:30 > 00:30
Parc Saint-Cyr, Rennes
Saturday 06 July 2019 > Sunday 07 July 2019
21:30 > 00:30
Parc Saint-Cyr, Rennes
Sunday 07 July 2019
14:30 > 19:30
Les Ateliers du Vent, 59 rue Alexandre Duval, Rennes
Suivi d’un concert de Gaspard Deloison

Lignes de Bus : C4, arrêt Louis Guilloux • Station Vélo : Chèques Postaux
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