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L’Antipode & Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Ma vie de courgette
Sophie Hunger
From the age of 8

From its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2016 to winning two Césars (French equivalent of the Oscars) one year later, My Life as a Courgette has been on an extraordinary journey. This Franco-Swiss stop-motion animated film directed by Claude Barras tells the story of Icare, a young orphan who discovers a new taste for life and faith in humanity while living at an orphanage. Adapted from a novel by Gilles Paris and co-written by Céline Sciamma, the film is a touching examination of serious issues. To accompany the emotions of his characters, Claude Barras had the excellent idea of entrusting the soundtrack to Sophie Hunger, a prominent figure on the contemporary Swiss scene, working with pop-rock, folk and jazz influences. After recording eight albums, this was her first time working for cinema, an experience she describes as intense and enriching. This year she will be continuing on with a series of movie concerts where the artist and her band will perform the film’s soundtrack live.

This movie concert will be presented as part of L’Instant Thé at the Antipode, a fun, musical and delightfully delicious Sunday to be enjoyed with family or friends at snack time in the afternoon.


Sophie Hunger : guitare, piano
Alexis Anérilles : piano, synthétiseurs, bugle, percussions

Ma Vie de Courgette, un film de Claude Barras
Suisse-France, 2016, 66 minutes
Musique de Sophie Hunger (création)
Scénario de Céline Sciamma

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Sunday 20 November 2022
L’Antipode MJC, 75 Avenue Jules Maniez, Rennes

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