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Rennes City in partnership with le Liberté and les Tombées de la nuit present
Le Love Bal des Tombées de la Nuit
Le Love Bal
Participatory New Year's Eve Ball

Two years ago, Dijon-based group LOVE BAL lit up the improvised dance floor in Étangs d’Apigné. This time they’re coming to Le Liberté for “Le Grand Bal du Réveillon” on New Year’s Eve. This great and growing orchestra gave us a crazy, quirky and fun musical event with shared dance and song, offering a new take on the lost melodies of the community dances of yesteryear. Its main concept is to invite “amateur singers” to take their turn at the microphone to shake up the performance of the collective’s ten seasoned musicians.

20 to 30 residents will choose three songs from the set list of 80 songs prepared by LOVE BAL for this karaoke-style evening. An afternoon rehearsal with choices given the musicians’ seal of approval will make the performances intense and emotional without exposing singers to any real risk. LOVE MACHINE and members of the public will be dressed in their finest as the “LOVE SINGERS” are given an extravagant welcome on stage by an actor in this festive dance party with live orchestra. LOVE BAL’s slightly bonkers event is a new take on the concept of a ball, talent show and karaoke and is a way of bringing people together to party and dance, with added fun, humour and generosity. This collective adventure works first and foremost because the ten musicians in this full orchestra, complete with brass band and choir, know their words and set list like the back of their hands.

This event brings together around 5,000 people at LE LIBERTÉ BAS each year to ring in the New Year after the traditional fireworks display. It is hard to imagine the atmosphere at this New Year’s LOVE BAL. From midnight to 5am, the party will have all the makings of a fun-filled and festive community ball!

Sunday 31 December 2017
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Le Liberté, Rennes

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