Photo : Loto 3000 © Wilfrid Haberey
Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Loto 3000
Collectif ÈS
Dancing lottery
For all ages
Designed for a public space not normally used for dance, this third episode of Série populaire by Collectif ÈS focuses on the ritual of Bingo. Here, there are no financial gains or runners-up, but a numbers draw, winners and, above all, players. The prizes are intangible, materialised by bodies. In this performance manifesto, dancers and amateur accomplices spread a physical contamination that alters viewpoints on dance and uses movement to fight for community, bonding, spending more time together and sharing experiences.

Série Populaire was born from the desire to offer a new take on ritualised events that bring people together, transforming them into inventive dance-oriented moments. After the code-breaking and disruptive I wanna dance with somebody (Episode 1) and Karaodance (Episode 2), Émilie Szikora, Jérémy Martinez and Sidonie Duret now focus on Bingo to get spectators moving. Here, there are no toasters or mugs with the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II… By once again incorporating amateur accomplices into their performance, the Collectif ÈS dancers blur the lines and create a space where spectators become actors and performers, without even truly realising it.

This is an intangible, toe-tapping, carnival-inspired, unambiguous and quirky Bingo, which becomes a place for encounters, for physical contamination and for the joy of being together in motion. Happy encounters are the very artistic goal of this show, at the crossroads of practice and creation. By exploring the individual and collective, solo and mass, single and collective speech, the performance opens up new perspectives on contemporary dance in public space. Episode 3 has a focus on fun and games, with the real desire to create collective moments through dance, offering even more new encounters in the Salle de la Cité over three days.


Sidonie Duret, Jérémy Martinez and Émilie Szikora met in 2009 at the CNSMD in Lyon. In 2011, P’Lay’s, a play for three performers and someone eating a packet of crisps, confirmed the emergence of Collectif ÈS by exploring a three-person choreography. With Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobie (2014), they dug deeper into the idea of creator/performer and the founding idea that artistic creation is an opportunity to bring people together, work together and explore our relationships with one another. That same year, Episode 1 of their Série Populaire was released with the ball, I wanna dance with somebody. In 2018, during a residency at the CND in Lyon, they created Episode 2, Le Karaodance, and were associate artists at the Lux Scène Nationale de Valence. In 2019, they produced Première mondiale and Zéro quatre sept trois deux neuf zéro huit un quatre, which was commissioned by the Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand. That same year, they were associate artists at Rampe d’Echirolles for three years, and launched Episode 3, Loto 3000, a new play with hybrid, inclusive and engaging forms for the public.


Création et conception : Collectif Ès
Interprétée et créée par : Adriano Coletta, Sidonie Duret, Martin Gil, Lauriane Madelaine, Jeremy Martinez, Alexander Miles, Emilie Szikora et un groupe de danseurs amateurs
Création sonore : Wilfrid Haberey
Scénographe : Simon Zerbib
Régie Générale : Pierre-Jean Heude
Production : Raphaëlle Gogny et le Collectif Ès.

Tuesday 28 December 2021
20:30 > 22:00
Salle de la Cité, 10 Rue Saint-Louis, Rennes
Wednesday 29 December 2021
20:30 > 22:00
Salle de la Cité, 10 Rue Saint-Louis, Rennes
Thursday 30 December 2021
20:30 > 22:00
Salle de la Cité, 10 Rue Saint-Louis, Rennes

5€ full price, 2€ Sortir! price (+ booking fee)
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