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La débordante compagnie
Sensitive musical choregraphy with changing perspective
In 2015, Ce qui m’est dû, an autobiographical choreographic duet, moved audiences in the Jean Guy gardens. Since then, LA DÉBORDANTE COMPAGNIE has been working on a new street art project featuring five dancers and a singer. LOIN will officially launch at Les Tombées de la Nuit 2017, which has partnered with this new creation by choreographer Héloïse DESFARGES, who questions our perceptions in a space with a range of perspectives.

In Ce qui m’est dû, Héloïse DESFARGES used dance, words and music to explore her relationship with the world, love, ecology and climate change. This sensitive, activist and emotive duet was set outdoors in Jean Guy park and was one of the highlights of our 2015 event. Since then, the festival has worked closely with LA DÉBORDANTE COMPAGNIE. Héloïse DESFARGES has teamed up once more with dancer, actor and director Antoine RAIMONDI to create a new performance, LOIN, featuring five dancers and a singer, marking her return to street theatre. After the writing and residency phase, the official launch will be presented at Les Tombées de la Nuit 2017, before the tour and final version next year.

For the first time, Héloïse DESFARGES is stepping off the stage to focus on her role as choreographer, leaving the spotlight on a singer (Caroline Marçot) and five actors (Anne-Sophie Gabert, Perrine Gontié, Claire Rivera, Julie Galopin and Sarah Pellerin-Ott). LOIN is designed to be a perceptive experience in a space with a large depth of field, displaying bodies in the landscape. Emerging from a blurred, distant mirage, the silhouettes gradually become clearer in their movements, sometimes working together as a group or cluster, and sometimes individually. Their faces materialise and the bodies start to generate noise as the dancers come just a breath away. A voice singing opera rings out from the audience, reflecting the bodies’ progress. This choreography was built around a very visual dance, creating a kind of musical matrix with a chorus and verses, in an attempt to “paint a picture that adjusts over time and changes its environment.”

After creations such as Lélevla, Dispersion and Rassemblement, LA DÉBORDANTE COMPAGNIE will unveil a first sample of its street art performance, LOIN, on Mail François Mitterrand. This is another beautiful backdrop, providing the opportunity to step into the very unusual world of Héloïse DESFARGES in a subtle and sensitive artistic space where careful writing is given as much importance as the place of the work in the world.


Héloïse DESFARGES received training in contemporary dance at Les Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine (RIDC) from Françoise and Dominique Dupuis and Alban Richard. She then trained with multiple companies (Georges Appaix, Ultima Vez, Catherine Diverrès, Cécile Loyer) before creating her own company in 2007, LA DÉBORDANTE COMPAGNIE, for her solo performance Il ne faut pas confrondre la tête et les fesses. Lélevla (2008) hit the streets with 6 performers, in a performance that mixed corporal expression and political issues, with a tour that alternated between the public space and the stage. The team brought a variety of talents to the company, including tango, tai chi, qi gong, yoga, gyrokinesis, astrophysics, climate sciences, acrobatics, contact improvisation dance, flying low, hard science, soft science and more… At the same time, Héloïse DESFARGES continued working as an actor with the Le Cri Bleu company and led multi-disciplinary workshops at the Théâte de Verre. In 2011, she acted in Manimoi by the PPN company, and began training in Labanotation (Movement Notation) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP). In January 2012, she worked as a choreographer and assistant director on a physical theatre project by her partner Antoine RAIMONDI, entitled Mal(e), at Théâtre du Périscope in Nîmes. They worked together again for Dispersion (street performance, 2012), a choreographed performance for a group, crowd and territory, Moi, la fin du monde, le prix de l’essence et le temps qu’il fera (staged performance, 2014), Rassemblement (street performance, 2015) and Ce qui m’est dû (staged performance, 2015). Two new creations are in the pipeline for LA DÉBORDANTE COMPAGNIE, both choreographed by Héloïse DESFARGES and Antoine RAIMONDI: Loin (street performance, 2017) and Perikoptô (staged performance, 2018).


Production : Ahouai Nansi Tropbien – la Débordante Cie / Chorégraphe : Héloise Desfarges / Danse : Anne – Sophie Gabert, Perrine Gontié, Claire Rivera, Julie Galopin, Sarah Pellerin – Ott / Chant lyrique : Caroline Marçot / Assistant à la mise en scène : Antoine Raimondi / Direction artistique : Héloïse Desfarges / Collaboration : Antoine Raimondi

Les Tombées de la Nuit ( Rennes ), Espace Périphérique ( Paris ), Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque ( Paris ), Ville de Paris, le Théâtre de Brétigny ( Brétigny sur Orge )

50 mail François Mitterrand, Rennes
Friday > 8pm / saturday > 11am

50 mn
200 people

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