Photo : Le petit détournement © Gurven Bourreau
La Troupe d’Improvisation Rennaise, in partnership with Les Tombées de la Nuit, presents
Le Petit Détournement
Live dubbing
For all ages

The Troupe d’Improvisation Rennaise, founded in 1998, aims to make theatrical improvisation accessible to all, through a wide range of shows: matches, long formats, pro wrestling, cabarets, inter-regional and even international encounters, and more.

This Sunday, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the troupe is cooking up a surprise… Taken under its wing by La Poule, a professional improv company based in Nantes, the Rennes-based actors and actresses will perform the La Poule’s iconic show, Le Petit Détournement at the Arvor.

Le Petit Détournement is an improv show that showcases the actors’ dubbing talents, imagination and agility. It’s based on a simple concept: short film excerpts are projected without their original audio, while the actors and actresses reinvent new dialogue sequences live, accompanied by a musician who also improvises, adding colour to the mix.

Join this lively crew at the Arvor cinema, the perfect venue for a meeting between theatrical improv and film.

Sunday 07 April 2024
21:00 > 22:30
Cinéma Arvor, 11 rue de Châtillon, Rennes

11€ full price, 6,30€ reduced price, 3,50€ Sortir! price
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