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Le pédé
Collectif Jeanine Machine
Obstacle course
Ambulatory Theater
From the age of 12

Brice Lagenèbre (and the Jeanine Machine collective) has taken on the powerful challenge of telling the story of the events that shaped the history of homosexual culture in the 20th century through a theatrical stroll through public space, in the form of a large-scale solo show, a first spectacular parade that is masterfully staged and directed. This magnificent, fair, funny, moving and didactic piece moves from demonstration to documentary, and from collective quest to complicity. It’s about recreating meaning, justice and context for these struggles for freedom.



Born in 1986, Brice Lagenèbre began his studies in 2004 at the Université d’Arts du spectacle and the Conservatoire régional de Bordeaux, before joining the multidisciplinary TDMI (Theatre, dance, music and images) programme in Lyon. In 2013, he joined Groupe ToNNe, headed up by Mathurin Gasparini (AE Les Années, Mes Déménagements, Le Passage du Nord-Ouest) and also contributed to local projects: Scopitonne (30th anniversary of the Viva Cité festival), J’habite ici à Saint-Étienne (La laverie). At the same time, he joined the Marzouk Machine company directed by Sarah Daugas Marzouk (Tripalium, Apocalypse), then the Bordeaux company Du chien dans les dents, where he returned to theatres with the collective creation of État Sauvage titre provisoire (2018) and Ce que nous ferons (2018). In 2021, he founded Jeanine Machine with Sarah Daugas Marzouk and Marlène Serluppus for this first solo street performance. This collective meets the urgent need to create shows in public space that address sensitive and activist issues in current affairs, blending the personal and political.

Thursday 04 July 2024
18:00 > 20:15
Départ du parvis Philippe Pascal (cour de la Salle de la Cité), 10 rue Saint-Louis, Rennes
Friday 05 July 2024
18:00 > 20:15
Départ du parvis Philippe Pascal (cour de la Salle de la Cité), 10 rue Saint-Louis, Rennes

Métro ligne a et b : arrêt Sainte-Anne • Vélo Star : Sainte-Anne

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