Photo : Le Grand Écart © Diane L'Église
Le grand écart
Compagnie Gravitation
Intimate rural renegade autofiction for bicycle and video
From the age of 12

The Besançon-based company has already proven the scathing and hilarious force of its political forum theatre with Mr Kropps (2015, 2018) and Label Vie l’effet papillon (2019). In this new solo and autofiction production, actor Max Bouvard explores his journey as a renegade in a low-key show. It’s a cyclo-movie in the form of a wobbling odyssey, between theatre and documentary, fiction and reality, culture and agriculture, Roubaix and the Jura, constantly shifting from laughter to sensitivity, intimacy to humour, silence to speech, between dad-style cycling and popular theatre. It’s a great show, full of finesse.



Since 1994, the hilarious and collective Besançon-based compagnie Graviation has built itself on the idea that culture shouldn’t belong only to a handful of specialists. It produces all-terrain participatory and utopian shows for everyday people, far from the rules and centres of production and gradually steering away from “traditional” stage work to a form marked by the absence of artifice and aesthetic elements (costumes, scenery, lights, etc.) Through productions such as Now Futur 2, Coopérative Label Vie, Sur Le Fil, Horribilis, Le Village d’à côté, Vendez Tout, the company has found new forms to explore social issues as a way to bring back theatre that is socially engaged and passionate about things like politics, utopia and democracy. The company still tours with Mr Kropps, Label Vie, La zone optimum de bonheur, Prof, Le Grand Écart and is producing Le jeu des sept péchés.


Max Bouvard (jeu et écriture), Jean-Charles Thomas (mise en scène et réalisation), Christelle Fillod, Adrien Bavoux, Bernard Bouvard, Jacques Livchine (jeu à l’écran), Mehmet Arikan (prise de vue), Audrey Blanc (dessins et fresque), Lois Drouglazet (conception vidéo).

Friday 07 July 2023
20:00 > 21:40
Théâtre de la Parcheminerie, 23 rue de la Parcheminerie, Rennes
Saturday 08 July 2023
21:00 > 22:40
Théâtre de la Parcheminerie, 23 rue de la Parcheminerie, Rennes

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