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New Work
Les Tombées de la Nuit, in partnership with AY-ROOP, present
Le Dédale Palace
Maze big top with carnival illusions and attractions for the digital world
From the age of 10
The Optimistes Créatrices d'Utopies Spectaculaires (OCUS) company returns to Les Tombées de la Nuit after Le Bistrodocus, with this new production, created at their holiday home in Saint-Germain-sur-Ille. In this world of ins and outs, hall of mirrors, surprises and role-playing, Claire Laurent’s team examines the links and interconnections between the digital and carnival worlds. It is a complete and ambitious show that will bring its big top to the heart of the Cleunay neighbourhood to play with the concepts of augmented reality, connection and networks by transposing them into a world of theatre, immersive attractions and technical and artisanal discoveries

In keeping with the carnival theatre movement, the OCUS company sets up its fleet of caravans and imposing 30 x 15 metre circus tent to present Le Dédale Palace, the imaginary attraction of an innovative nomadic start-up offering a series of tailor-made experiences. Of course in this world of theatrical inventions, sales pitch hocus-pocus, knights and princesses, schemes and surprises, the show plays with different registers. In this immersive internet for Silicon Valley algorithmic oracles, this “carnival 2.0” constantly oscillates between reality and the imaginary world, personal experimentation and collective distortion, political and philosophical questions and the childlike wonder of an in-and-out carnival.

Shifting from a mirror maze to theatre stands, OCUS plays with the possibilities of immersion and sensory mystification by using a wide range of techniques (video, sound, distorting mirrors) to confuse the spectator and explore the virtual world and personal data collection. From sales-talk to intimacy, mixing data and freedom, this complex immersive production in three acts is a perfect artistic metaphor for modern digital issues. The spectator is manipulated, and fully aware of it, until the final denouement, and leaves Dédale Palace with a revived awareness of the urgency of community and the need for others.


> OCUS (France)

Created in 2003 and based in Saint-Germain-sur-Ille, near Rennes, the Optimiste Créatrice d’Utopies Spectaculaires (OCUS) company is a collective of around ten artists (actors, puppeteers, writers, technicians, musicians, etc.) that works around travelling theatre. For half the year, the company is on tour (Shlada, La soupe au Caillou, Il ne tient qu’à nous, L’homme semence, Prince à dénuder, Tant qu’il en reste, Le Discodocus and their latest creation, Le Dédale Palace). For the rest, it conducts its creative work locally, developing a permanent artistic presence in residency around three main areas: the creation of shows, performances of shows and cultural outreach to the local community. In short, it is a place where utopias are created, for living and hosting artists in residency and where cultural dynamics are created locally in the spirit of a “village troupe”. With their big top tents and caravans, they travel the roads to perform in places where you might not necessarily expect to see shows.


Claire Laurent (écriture et mise en scène, avec l’accompagnement dramaturgique de Thomas Collet), Michael Egard (comédien), Anna Hubert (marionnettiste, comédienne), Yann-Sylvère Le gall (comédien), Lou Lefebure (comédienne, chanteuse lyrique), Benjamin Baccara (violon, mandoline, percussions, choeurs…), Benoît Bachus (guitare, basse, percussions, choeurs…)

Présences foraines dans le labyrinthe et manipulation à vue : Juliette Bigoteau (scénographie, conception et esthétique), Camille Cervera (scénographie, conception et construction) David Bourthourault (lumières), Pierre-Yves Dubois (vidéo et illusion), et Mathias Lejosne (son) et Noëmie Bourrigault (création costumes).

Billetterie en ligne
Thursday 30 June 2022
20:00 > 22:00
Ancien Antipode, 2 rue André Trasbot, Rennes
On the parking
Friday 01 July 2022
20:00 > 22:00
Ancien Antipode, 2 rue André Trasbot, Rennes
On the parking
Saturday 02 July 2022
20:00 > 22:00
Ancien Antipode, 2 rue André Trasbot, Rennes
On the parking

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