Photo : La Kermesse © Jordi Bover
Les Tombées de la Nuit in partnership with les Ateliers du Vent present
La Kermesse (The Fair)
Pierre de Mecquenem / Compagnie La Machine
Play with the fire at the fair

Founded in 1999, La Machine specialises in the construction of unique theatre objects (like Le Grand Éléphant des Machines de l’île in Nantes) under the leadership of François Delarozière. People and their skills are the very essence of the theatre company’s creative process. After La Symphonie Mécanique, presented at the Les Tombées de la Nuit festival in 2006, the company returns to Rennes with La Kermesse, created by the fire starter Pierre de Mecquenem.

Get your senses ready for thrills with this pyrotechnical and culinary fair.

Will you manage to fish a flame, aim with a spark canon and control the fork? Le Brûle chandelle (candle-burner), la Pêche à la flamme (flame-fishing), le Pique-assiette (greedy guzzler), le Décasseroleur (saucepan-emptier), la Tournebroche (roasting spit) ) are the highlights of this show which draws on traditional fairground arts and mischievously and deliciously subverts expectations. Actors become operators as they help the audience experience eight stands that will provide a feast for their eyes and taste buds!

With this creation, La Machine takes us back to our childhood and a place of fun. Sweet treats and delights mixed in with some unexpected flavours await in dramatized cooking pots and on reinvented fishing rods. Each machine combines humour and ingenuity, appetite and dexterity. A mechanical imaginary world welded in the flames.

On Saturday, the fun continues into the evening with music from DJ Gilles Gilet Le gilet agile and singing in the shower with the Douch’Box from La Sophiste, a special cabin designed for private karaoke (well, almost private!).

On Sunday, like every other Sunday of the month, the Cantine des Ateliers du Vent invites you to come and sample a savoury dish and dessert, a food-filled experience coordinated with La Kermesse.

Saturday 26 January 2019
16:30 > 01:00
Les Ateliers du Vent, 59 rue Alexandre Duval, Rennes
Fair until 10pm
Sunday 27 January 2019
11:30 > 17:00
Les Ateliers du Vent, 59 rue Alexandre Duval, Rennes

For the fair, more information +332 99 32 56 56 / For the DJ's, Douch’Box & Brunch ( 7,5€ trim, 15€ formula ), more information 02 99 27 75 56

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