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Amanda Parer
Giant installation of light rabbits in the public space

“Giant installation of illuminated rabbits in the public space” We’re back after the 2015 festival to continue our adventures along Mail François Mitterrand, taking over this busy public space with a new large-scale arts project. This is INTRUDE, a bizarre invasion of giant inflatable rabbits 5 to 7 metres high dreamt up by Artist Amanda Parer. This new genre of poetic “intruders”, with their nylon canvas and light installation, transform their surroundings with their white halo, like a soft and naïve childhood dream. But for the Australian artist based in Tasmania, the choice of rabbits was symbolic and far from incidental. These animals were introduced to Oceania in the late 18th century and quickly spread, upsetting the ecological balance (native species, harvests). These elephantine creatures represent the metaphorical weight of environmental issues and the role mankind plays in nature. After appearing in New York, Denver, Sydney, Istanbul, London, Ghent, San Francisco, Calgary, Manchester and Paris, these rabbits are now making their way to Mail François Mitterrand for the week, settling into daily life among the bric-a-brac stands and twice-weekly organic market. This joint production presented with the Rennes MAINTENANT festival by the Electroni(k) association is sure to offer us a week of quirky fun in celebration of all things bunny, towering over us like elephants in a porcelain shop.

Mail François Mitterrand
10 am > midnight

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