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Le Sabot d’Or & les Tombées de la Nuit present
I do ! Variation on a wedding day
La Caravane Compagnie
Wedding day
From 10 years old

Concluding their cycle of work on family, Oui ! (I do!) by Caravane Compagnie is an immersive performance portraying a typical French wedding day, featuring city hall, downtime, the banquet and the dance. Spectators become guests as they follow the various steps almost in “real” time, visiting the actual places.

This ritual gathering where families seek to look their best is an opportunity to explore the difference between the ideal family and real family, with the aim of taking a thought-provoking look at the relational mechanisms that often guide us despite ourselves.

We see the bride and groom, the parents, the bride’s mother-in-law and the two witnesses, in a portrayal of a traditional family, representing different perspectives of this special day and its unchanging choreography.

Saturday 06 October 2018
17:00 > 22:00
Commune de Saint-Gilles
Sunday 07 October 2018
11:30 > 16:30
Commune de Saint-Gilles

5h (Shared meal included)
Full prince : 10€ • Subscribers : 8€ • Sortir ! card : 4€
Beginning of the show in front of the town hall (you can drop your dishes before the show at Le Sabot d'Or) • Information on +332 99 64 63 27
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