Photo : Fusée de Détresse © L'âge de la Tortue
L’âge de la Tortue presents
Fusée de détresse, the documentary series
Documenting an art project
For all ages / Free

As a follow-up to L’Encyclopédie des migrants (The Encyclopaedia of Migrants), Fusée de détresse (Distress Flare) (co-produced by Les Tombées de la Nuit) is a European cooperation arts project designed to raise awareness of the social and political situation of migrants in Europe. Six artistic residencies in France, Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Italy and Portugal led to the production of this documentary series, directed by Nani Blasco Moya and Paloma Fernàndez Sobrino. Six episodes will be broadcast at the Arvor during the ninth edition of Rennes au pluriel, a celebration of equality and cultural diversity. Performers from the Rennes-based artistic residency and local partners will be on hand to answer questions from the audience and explain the reasons for their involvement.

Thursday 16 May 2024
20:00 > 21:00
Cinéma Arvor, 11 rue de Châtillon, Rennes

6 x 10 min
Free upon reservation at
cognitif moteur
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