Photo : Franky Gogo © Julia Andreone
Franky Gogo
I'm from la nuit
Genre-breaking electro pop
For all ages

This Franco-Yugoslavian artist defined their androgynous silhouette and razor-sharp technique while playing drums with Bertrand Belin. After three solo albums under the name of Fiodor Dream Dog or Fiodor Novski, here, Franky Gogo embraces raging and impertinent, melodic and feverish electro-pop on a magnificent debut album, Fist (Fight Back). This unique and non-conformist artist builds a new sensory geography on the ruins of the old world with this radical and proud genre-breaker boasting a dark and intense feverish and contagious groove, which breaks down borders and aesthetics.


> FRANKY GOGO (France)

Born in 1976 under the name Tatiana Mladenovitch, he has accompanied John Parish, Théo Hakola, Discodeine and Emily Loizeau on drums, but most of all his accomplice Bertrand Belin, in a duo and then in a group, since 2005. The artist then went solo under the name Fiodor Dream Dog, and sometimes Fiodor Novski, for three synth-pop albums, encapsulating serenity and rage: I lose Things (2009), Second of Joy (2011) and Best (2015). This queer activist and transgender artist returned as Franky Gogo to continue his genre-breaking musical journey with a debut EP, Fast and Too Much (2021), followed by an eleven-track album, Fist (Fight Back) (2023), on Pias. Franky Gogo is also a writer, and regularly collaborates for dance, film and theatre. The artist performed in Métamorphoses, directed by Aurélie Van Den Daele (2016/2017 tour), Bertrand Mandico’s After Blue (2021), and L’aventure invisible, directed by Marcus Lindeen (2020/2021 tour).

Friday 05 July 2024
22:00 > 23:00
Parc Saint-Cyr, 2 rue du Pré de Bris, Rennes

Métro ligne b : arrêt Mabilais • Bus 2, 11, 12, 19, 53, 54, 55, 56, C4 : arrêt Chèques Postaux • Vélo Star : Chèques Postaux

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