Photo : Fooootballll © Veronika Tzekova
Veronika Tzekova
One football match on two perpendicular pitches with four goals
For everyone
In the same summer that Roazhon Park will be hosting seven matches in the Women’s World Cup, Bulgarian artist Veronika Tzekova will be taking over the Velodrome stadium for one night only, with a highly unusual participatory football-based installation-performance. FOOOOTBALLLL features two perpendicular pitches, four goals, four teams and one ball to shake up the way the game is organised and looks and take a light-hearted, questioning approach to the sociology of space, rules and strategies.

By reinventing the normal pitch shape for the world’s most popular sport, Veronika Tzekova takes a new look at football. Although the rules remain the same, the complexity of the game increases, and at the same time, there are new opportunities, with two new goal-lines and three times more chances to score goals. The teams for this strange football-based performance will come from various local authorities, associations and groups of Rennes residents for a match that will be strange and new, both for the crowd and the players. The challenge for the teams and referees will be to demonstrate on the pitch “an untapped social potential in the city. The sporting context will question ideas of pop-up communities, tactics and opportunities, choices and social interactions and the place of the individual within society. The aim of the match is to generate new forms of communication and competition, and new relationships between different groups that are physically, politically, philosophically and socially separate.

FOOOOTBALLLL encourages us to see the game as a metaphor for life, blending the familiar with the strange, to create a fresh new vision. The work gives a nod to the “three-sided football” concept invented by Danish situationist artist Asger Jorn. Most of all, however, Veronika Tzekova is offering a fun opportunity to bring people together.


Veronika Tzekova was born in Vratza, Bulgaria in 1973 and now lives and works in Graz, Austria. She has a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) from the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede (2001) and joined the postgraduate Transnational Spaces programme with the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau (Germany) in 2004, before undertaking residencies in Greece, Austria, Poland, Armenia and Italy. She sees herself as a “European” artist, working with and in public spaces using objects, installations, situations or systems that are transformed and given a new life. As well as working extensively in public space, she has created visual artworks that are exhibited in venues such as the Neue Galerie Graz (Austria), Kunsthalle Fridericianum in Kassel (Germany), Bank Austria Kunstforum (Vienna) and the Mac/Val Val-de-Marne contemporary art museum. The FOOOOTBALLLL “land art installation” that will be presented at Les Tombées de la Nuit has already been performed in Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria and across France in Marseille, Montpellier, Gonessе and Cergy-Pontoise.


Création originale : Veronika Tzekova.
Commentateur : Mohamed Guellati.
Avec la participation des équipes et arbitres de Rennes (en cours).

Wednesday 03 July 2019
16:00 > 18:00
Vélodrome Commandant Bouguin, Rue Alphonse Guérin, Rennes
Youth Match
Wednesday 03 July 2019
19:30 > 21:30
Vélodrome Commandant Bouguin, Rue Alphonse Guérin, Rennes
Adult Match

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