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Queen Mother / Maud Jégard
Restitution of workshops: young people, the city and the smartphone

From March to July, Maud Jegard and Boueb offered a small group of 15-18 year-old’s the chance to take part in an artistic creation in public space using their smartphones as the tool. They became, in turn, authors, scriptwriters, actors and directors. The results of this work will be presented as a participatory experience inviting spectators to follow an urban trail as part of a fictional scenario scripted remotely using text message. Follow us!

We thank Langue and Communication for their welcome.

Wednesday 04 July 2018
16:00 > 17:00
Centre ville de Rennes

Registration at the festival box office
Métro/bus/vélo : République - Ligne de bus : toutes les lignes desservant le centre ville
Remember to recharge your mobile phone to follow the restitution

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