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Flower (Fleur)
Fred Tousch / Le Nom du Titre
A surrealist musical & hairy tale
After La Foirce, smooth-talking Fred Tousch is back and has teamed up with Emilie Horcholle for a frenzied musical and theatrical tale where Sun tries to help Flower become “useless for something”. A hilarious ode to the wild power of nature, a cosmetic odyssey wrapped in costumes and served with plenty of laughter.

After La Foirce (2009), smooth-talking Fred Tousch is back at the festival with Emilie Horcholle, in a hilarious musical and theatrical tale performed in the street. This burlesque, absurd and preposterous fantasy once again pushes good taste, logic and academia to its limits. This acrobat of improbable poetry and expert in unhinged, off-the-wall discourse takes us on an inaugural ode to nature where Sun helps Flower become “useless for something”. Destiny comes in the form of shampoo and a cactus, in this cosmetic odyssey wrapped in costumes, where fundamental philosophical questions are served with plenty of laughter.

Fred Tousch’s solo creations, including La Foirce, Maître Fendard and Benoît de Touraine, have set the tone for a theatrical space dedicated to absurd discourse and the most preposterous ideas, underpinned by scathing humour and colossal on-stage energy. This time, he has teamed up with radiant actress Emilie Horcholle to create a mythological costumed piece, which opens somewhere between “Andromeda and Kérastase beauty products, in the anti-dandruff orbits of a hairy constellation.”

Navigating esteemed futility and hair products, Flower has to find her way and purpose through this inaugural fresco and fake philosophical fable in the form of an uproarious cosmetic odyssey. With surrealism, word plays, off-the-wall humour, distancing techniques, rants, audience participation and absurd poetry, Fred Tousch’s weapons have not changed, but the edges have been sharpened as they ricochet like ping-pong balls between the three characters on stage (Sun, Flower and Elektra).

Fred Tousch’s taste for twisting mythological references is palpable in this performance that will get audiences in Théâtre de Verdure du Thabor on their feet, dancing and singing for three days of performances and laugh-out-loud fun.


Fred Alfredo Tousch is a hilarious writer and performer who has worked with Edouard Baer, Jackie Berroyer, François Rollin and Philippe Nicolle (from 26000 Couverts). He started out with Les Béruriers Noirs, then the Archaos circus, before breaking out on his own with street theatre and forming a group for indoor theatre, with Le Grand Mezze alongside Baer and Rollin (2003). Fred Tousch is a poet, clown and philosopher of the absurd, but first and foremost a talented comedian in off-the-wall, surrealist productions. He has also worked in film (Mission Socrate, La Chambre Blanche, Les Profs, La Loi de la Jungle, La Colle, Le retour du hero), while developing iconoclastic, fun events with Fabienne Quéméneur. His latest creation Flower has been touring since spring 2017, following on from Maître Fendard, a delicate exercise in pleading, co-written by François Rollin.


Written and performed by : Fred Tousch and Emilie Horcholle
Stage music : Bertrand Lenclos
Musical creation : Bertrand Lenclos and Pacot Labat
Directed by : Fred Fort
Costumes : Sophie Deck
Sets : Fabrice Deperrois for the artists
Technical management : Francis Lopez or Baptiste Chevalier Duflot
Production and distribution : Anne Guégan
Administration : Pascale Maison.


Co-productions / Residences : les CNAREP Le Moulin Fondu à Noisy-le-Sec, La Paperie à Angers, Les Ateliers Frappaz à Villeurbanne, les scènes conventionnées L’Archipel à Granville, Le Séchoir à St Leu (La Réunion), L’Atelier Culturel à Landerneau, la Communauté de Communes Océan-Marais de Monts, la Ville de Notre-Dame-de-Monts, les Festivals Musicalarue et La Déferlante.

Supported by : DRAC et Région Normandie, Département de Seine-Maritime, La SPEDIDAM.

Friday 06 July 2018
18:30 > 19:30
Parc du Thabor, Théâtre de Verdure, Rennes
Saturday 07 July 2018
18:30 > 19:30
Parc du Thabor, Théâtre de Verdure, Rennes
Sunday 08 July 2018
17:00 > 18:00
Parc du Thabor, Théâtre de Verdure, Rennes

Métro : Sainte-Anne / Bus : C1-C3-C5-9-12 / Arrêt de Bus : Thabor - Sainte-Anne / Vélo : Saint-Georges - Place Hoche

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