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Les Tombées de la Nuit in partnership with the city's sports service present
Cirque Inextremiste
Crazy airborne circus act in a hot-air balloon
After the gas cylinders and wooden planks of Extrémités (performed in Les Étangs d’Apigné in 2015) and the musical ball in Extrême Night Fever, the insane acrobatics of CIRQUE INEXTREMISTE are now bursting onto the basket of a 3400 m3 hot-air balloon during a tethered ride, knocking the skies off balance over the Stade Vélodrome. In this clownish, tightrope walking, quirky, fiery, spectacular and utterly crazy performance, Yann Ecauvre’s extreme acrobatic collective will once again play with our fears and wreak havoc with our perspective.

INEXTREMISTE returns to Les Tombées de la Nuit after the impressive Extrêmités (at Les Étangs d’Apigné in 2015) involving planks, gas cylinders and three performers on make-shift seesaws and wheelchairs, with their biting humour and infectious lust for life. EXIT is a new acrobatic piece by the company, which will be performed this year after premiering at Châlons-en-Champagne in June. It pushes Yann Ecauvre’s notion of “risky reality” in circus arts even further, as INEXTREMISTE’s hilarious, clownish acrobats light up the Rennes sky around the basket of a 3400 m3 hot-air balloon during a tethered flight.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Cirque Inextremiste is proud to present its latest creation. We are ready to take off and two lucky spectators will travel with our experienced pilot. As usual, everything is permitted, except, perhaps, thinking that the characters are in full control of what they are doing.” A hot-air balloon tamer, musicians and other surprise characters slowly disrupt the performance and derail this feat of engineering… As the story unfolds, EXIT takes over the balloon basket, creating never-before-seen balancing acts and extreme acrobatics, on board and overboard, several metres above the ground. INEXTREMISTE retain their signature madness and quirkiness, remaining clownish and extravagant, while continuing to defy the laws of gravity and push back the boundaries of the circus arts, theatre and stunt work. They have quite literally reached new heights in their quest for extreme imbalance, choosing this time to use a giant-scale installation.

Thanks to a new partnership between the festival and the Rennes Sports Department, the Stade Vélodrome field will witness a spectacular hot-air balloon flight, offering a series of striking images and acrobatics to take your breath away…


The company was created in 1998 under the name As Pa de Maïoun and quickly acquired a Big Top where they blended dance, street arts and music. The show Inextremiste was created by this dangerous, extreme and defiant circus troupe in 2007, using a trampoline and gas cylinders. Three years later, this company based in central France became CIRQUE INEXTREMISTE. Yann Ecauvre’s show was extended with Extrêmités (2012), featuring a trio act using only wooden planks and gas cylinders, and Extension (2014). Since last year, the troupe has been working on two large-scale street performances: a spectacular musical concert in its Big Top (Extreme Night Fever, 2017) and a travelling hot-air balloon aerial act (Exit, 2017). CIRQUE INEXTREMISTE has around fifteen members and is led by Yann Ecauvre. With their wacky humour and “real risk” mantra, they are constantly pushing back the boundaries of the extreme and have been travelling around theatres and festivals across Europe for ten years.


By : Yann Ecauvre / With : Yann Ecauvre, Julien Favreuille, Laurent Mollon, Étienne Cordeau, Anicet Leone, Serge Lazar / Costumes : Solenne Capmas / Diffusion – Production : Jérôme Souchet / Administration – Production : Géraldine Galloi


Vélodrome, RENNES

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Lignes C4 C6 40 arrêt Pont de Châteaudun / LE vélo STAR : Robidou
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