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Ay-Roop et les Tombées de la Nuit present
Le P'tit Cirk
Elizabethan circus clown performance
From 10 years old
After Tok (2007), 2 (2010) and Hirisinn (2013), the circus fantasies of P'TIT CIRK are returning to Tombées de la Nuit. For their latest production, Danielle LE PIERRÈS and Christophe LELARGE come together to offer a clown’s eye view of the world and explore the possibility of rewriting human history in a new EDEN. Set in an Elizabethan theatre atmosphere inspired by the Globe and Blackfriars theatres in London and designed to create greater intimacy with the audience, the joyfully spiritual and poetically transcendent performance of the story of Adam and Eve played out by the pair of clowns comes complete with capes, swords, a king, queen, and outrageous antics.

The enthralling circus adventures of Danielle LE PIERRÈS and Christophe LELARGE’s company have long been part of Tombées de la Nuit. From Tok (2007), to 2 (2010) and Hirisinn (2013), P’TIT CIRK’s technical precision, inventive writing and theatrical poetry have created a unique world that combines performance and wonder, touching gentleness and acrobatics, and clown humour and storytelling. With the company’s latest production, EDEN, which has been on tour since last year, the two artists draw inspiration from Elizabethan theatre (Ben Jonson, William Shakespeare) and the freedom of expression at work in England at the time. In a combination of temporary stage theatre and the stage architecture of the Globe and Blackfriars theatres in London, set designer Guillaume Roudot has constructed a T-shaped stage with riser seating. Actress Évelyne Fagnen (Ariane Mnouchkine, Christophe Rauck) helped with directing.

This proximity to the audience, different to a circus ring, becomes the setting where Danielle LE PIERRÈS and Christophe LELARGE take on the silly faces and red noses of English clowns Crécelle and Zinc, in an unexpected performance of an Apocalypse, and a creation story in the true spirit of Shakespearian outlandishness. Dressed in velvet and lace, with furs and swords, the two last-living clowns in the world, a man and a woman, rehearse a final love scene, filled with kings, queens, tragedy and betrayal. Then, under the shade of a tree, they play Adam and Eve, poking fun at the complexity of love, chasing after each other, assassinating each other, crowning each other.
This poetic cocoon combines clowning and theatre in a chaotic immersion into fantasy and extravagance. EDEN stays true to the traditions of P’TIT CIRK, creating laughter and fun in a thought-provoking, touching and perilous production that will be in Rennes for four performances.


After graduating with the first class of the Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne in 1989, Danielle LE PIERRÈS and Christophe LELARGE began seventeen years of adventures with the Archaos, Plume and Arts Sauts circuses. In 2004, they founded their own company, LE P’TIT CIRK, so that they could write and play out their own circus story, and scale back to a more local approach and limited touring schedule. Based in Trégor (Côtes d’Armor, Brittany), their circus has developed and produced Togenn (2005), Tok (2006), 2 (2009), Hirisinn (2013) and Eden (2016), the fruit of each passing team, format, residency and energy. LE P’TIT CIRK has led a unique and profoundly touching creative adventure and is currently working on a new production (Dodo, 2018)


Écriture et mise en scène : Danielle Le Pierrès, Christophe Lelarge, Evelyne Fagnen / Interprétation : Danielle Le Pierrès, Christophe Lelarge / Travail clownesque : Sky De Sela / Regard animal : Cyril Casmèze / Music : L’Oscar Delgar, Verdi, Purcell, Thom Hanreich, Mozart / Régie, conception du décor et des gradins : Guillaume Roudot / Création lumières : Dominique Maréchal / Costumes et tissus : Marie-Hélène Bouvet / Bassines : Famille Maffiolo /Administration : Marie Münch / Montage de production et diffusion : AY-ROOP /Production : Compagnie Le P’tit Cirk

Itinéraires Bis - Association de développement culturel des Côtes d’Armor / EPCC Le Quai, Angers / Le Grand Logis, scène de territoire pour les arts de la piste, Bruz /  TRIO…S, scène de territoire pour les arts de la piste, Hennebont, Inzinzac-Lochrist / Le Carré Magique, PNAC, Lannion-Trégor
LE P’TIT CIRK est conventionné par : le ministère de la Culture et de la Communication -DRAC Bretagne, le Conseil Régional de Bretagne, le Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor et la Ville de Lannion.

Thursday 06 July 2017 > Sunday 09 July 2017
Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne, Rennes
Théâtre du Vieux st Étienne
Thursday to Saturday > 8pm / Sunday > 5pm

15€ (Excluding rental fees) / 6€ (rate sortir)
110 people
Lignes a-C1-C5-9, arrêt ou Station Sainte-Anne / LE vélo STAR : Sainte-Anne

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