Photo : Distro © Mikhael Brun
New Work
Compagnie C'hoari
(France / Brittany)
Contemporary dance duo infused with hops and sea air
For all ages

After their first show dedicated to fest-noz dances, Tsef Zon(e) (2019), Pauline Sonnic and Nolwenn Ferry have created this dance performance for public space dedicated to the world and culture of bistros. Distro (2022) remains anchored in Breton culture, heritage and gathering places, and uses movement to explore the social role of bars, their atmospheres, spaces, traditions and music. In this direct and dishevelled dance, telling real-life stories, the company from Lorient creates a real aesthetic of intimacy and sharing with vibrant and frenzied energy.


> COMPAGNIE C’HOARI (France / Brittany)

Pauline Sonnic and Nolwenn Ferry met while training at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers. After two years of discovering contemporary dance, they wanted to explore their shared Breton cultural heritage. Pauline was born and raised in Brittany, training in Lorient and then at the Conservatory of Nantes. Nolwenn, is a half-Breton from Lorraine in the east of France, and trained at the conservatories of Metz, then Lille. Their interest in Breton traditions has led them to explore the social and cultural aspects of the past. In 2019, they created their first performance, Tsef Zon(e), dedicated to the world of Fest-noz, with their own spin on the customs and values of these traditional Breton festive gatherings. D-liés, a 10-minute impromptu performance for café terraces produced around Lorient, is a nod to these dance gatherings that bring everyone together. Their interest in the world of working-class bars has made its way into their newest production for public space, Distro (2022), with its short site-specific version, Barrez (2023).


Nolwenn Ferry et Pauline Sonnic (création et interprétation), Kenan Trevien et Thomas Bouetel (création musicale), Azilis Biseau (diffusion, communication), Lena Kedzerski, les Gesticulteurs (administration).

Thursday 06 July 2023
18:00 > 18:55
Place Sainte-Anne, Rennes

Métro ligne A ou B : arrêt Sainte-Anne • Vélo STAR Sainte-Anne
cognitif moteur
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