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New Work
Les Tombées de la Nuit, in partnership with AY-ROOP, Scène de territoire cirque, as part of his season [Nouvelles Pistes], present
Attraction-repulsion around a Chinese pole
À partir de 12 ans
Transitioning from her specialty, the Chinese pole, to a pole dancing pole (the difference is subtle), circus performer, Juglair takes on a highly physical, spellbinding and enthralling circus adventure that explores the concepts of femininity and masculinity. In this “intimate and majestic show combining Johnny Hallyday and Beyoncé”, she uses her muscular circus body to continue her artistic work on transformation, gender and stereotypes with humour, radiance and incredible acrobatic prowess

A tiny dance floor with a bright pole dancing pole in the centre, and a Chinese pole, a few accessories, makeup and a body in action… Using this simple staging, Juglair continues her exploration of “gender”, which she examined in her first solo show, Diktat, and in Plastic Platon, created with Julien Fanthou. Accompanied by live music played by Lucas Barbier, she goes through a series of transformations, from drag queens to drag kings, making her way through stereotypes between burlesque and ridiculousness, in a mixture of the sexes, to the point of losing her feminine and masculine sides.

Drawing from her own experience, from childhood to her work as a woman in the highly masculine circus discipline of the Chinese pole, she builds a show combining existential questions and various theories about gender, amidst incredible feats of balance, technical skill and strength. In this zany and crazy universe, beyond all the rules and norms, Juglair uses a full range of intimate, clownish, singing and acrobatic techniques to shatter gendered representations and play with our pre-conditioned ideas. By playing both the freak and the freak showman, in the tradition of the circus freaks of the past, Dicklove exudes incredible energy and asserts itself as a vibrant ode to freedom. It is a delightful and unique performance full of humour that changes our perspectives.


> JUGLAIR (France)

After specialising as a Chinese pole acrobat at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in 2008, Juglair joined the show, La part du loup, by Fatou Traoré followed by REV, a production with the company Cahin-Caha. In addition to her work in various circus projects, including La Scabreuse, with choreographer François Raffinot, and the La Scala opera in Milan, in 2011, she created J’aurais voulu, her first short form duo with Jean-Charles Gaume. At the same time, she began researching her first solo, which she put on hold to join Cirque Plume’s production, Tempus Fugit. Diktat made its debut in 2018, followed by a piece in 2020 for the Festival d’Avignon, Plastic Platon, in a collaboration with Julien Fanthou (aka Patachtouille from the Cabaret de Madame Arthur). In her new solo production, Dicklove (2021), she continues to explore gender and norms, in a performance created once again around her specialty, the Chinese pole.


Avec Sandrine Juglair (mât chinois), Claire Dosso et Aurélie Ruby (dramaturgie), Lucas Barbier (création sonore), Julie Méreau (création et régie lumière), Max Heraud, Etienne Charles et La Martofacture (construction), Léa Gadbois-Lamer (costumes), Ay-Roop (administration, production et diffusion).

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Thursday 30 June 2022
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Friday 01 July 2022
22:30 > 23:30
Ancien Antipode, 2 rue André Trasbot, Rennes
Saturday 02 July 2022
22:30 > 23:30
Ancien Antipode, 2 rue André Trasbot, Rennes

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