Photo : 3615 Dakota © Dougados Magali
De et par la possibilité éventuelle des devenirs envisageables
Collectif 3615 Dakota
Rituals and parcipatory performances in affective futurology for the end of the world
From the age of 12

For these two crazy collective evenings, Swiss Collective 3615 Dakota looks at the future as the focus of investigation. From science fiction to collapsology, clairvoyance and foresight, the company offers a participatory show in several ceremonies to prepare the future to enter into relationship with us. Pretending to make humanity survive until the year 3615, reading the future in the entrails of a text message, staging your own funeral, learning to become a ghost, becoming a plant bomb and, why not, dancing while waiting for the apocalypse, are part of a fresh and exciting “research centre for a future on an existential quest”, a delightful alternative offering a less stressful way of experiencing the end of the world.


> COLLECTIF 3615 DAKOTA (Switzerland)

We know the multidisciplinary Franco-Swiss collective Les Trois Points de Suspension, which has been touring theatres and festivals since 2003, with large-scale shows mixing circus, music, theatre, dance, visual arts and social sciences (Hiboux, La Grande Saga de la Françafrique, Squash). In 2016, to transform the way they make and approach art, a dissident group decided to set up a parallel organisation, Collectif 3615 Dakota, “a sort of A-team that uses real life as their playing field to change the world in the shadow of reality.” Dedicated to alternative reality and coached by Nicolas Chapoulier, the organisation examines the imaginary world and collective beliefs as ways of constructing reality. It uses powerful theoretical reflection to infiltrate representations, codes and territories to better unravel them and transform them. Collectif 3615 Dakota takes on free-form, site-specific and contextual projects for Les 3 Points de Suspension (such as Hou, Islands, Jardin).


Nicolas Chapoulier (mise en scène), Nicolas Chapoulier, Jérôme Colloud, Antoine Boute, Antoine Frammery, Diane Bonnot, Neyda Paredes, Adrian Filip, Johanna Rocard, Franck Serpinet, Jérôme Colloud, Renaud Vincent et Lucia Choffat (jeu), Nicolas Chapoulier, Johanna Roccard et 3615 Dakota (écriture), Sophie Deck et Johanna Rocard (costumes), Nicolas Chapoulier, Johanna Rocard, Manon Riet, Juliette Brishoual et Constan Pochat (scénographie), Antoine Frammery et Constan Pochat (lumières),Constan Pochat (régie et technique), Emma Harder et Timotée Fernez (illustrations), Constan Pochat, Michel Guibentif et Malik Ramallo (construction), Paul Courlet et Franck Serpinet (création sonore), Joachim Cecilio, Lucie Desaubliaux et Cédric Cambon (programmation), Neyda Paredes et Constan Pochat (production), Ars Longa (administration), Neyda Paredes (diffusion).

Sold out
Wednesday 05 July 2023
20:00 > 23:00
Les Ateliers du Vent, 59 rue Alexandre Duval, Rennes
Thursday 06 July 2023
20:00 > 23:00
Les Ateliers du Vent, 59 rue Alexandre Duval, Rennes

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Métro ligne B : arrêt Mabilais • Bus 10 : arrêt Voltaire • Vélo Star : Mabilais
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