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Dave malis project private sessions
La Part des Anches
Headphone concert for a travelling reinvention of breton music
Stéphane Hardy (bombard-player) uses music and writing to create the character of Dave Malis, a New York musician, drawing on stories of migration from the heart of Brittany to the USA. With his group of musicians, they perform “private headphone sessions” for 50 spectators wearing earphones, seated in the middle of the band.

Drawing on stories of migration from the heart of Brittany to the USA, Rennes-based bombard-player Stéphane Hardy has been developing this complex creation since 2015, bringing together history, traditional music, jazz and contemporary and urban music. Based on the character of New Yorker Dave Malis and Breton immigrants working at the Michelin plant in Milltown, New Jersey, the Project is a quintet performance for fifty spectators wearing earphones in unique “private headphone sessions”. This intense moment of sensory and audio proximity goes beyond the realms of a traditional concert and breaks down territorial notions.

Much research has been done into the generation that left central Brittany for the United States in the early 20th century. Focusing on the period from 1907 to 1950 and the Michelin plant in Milltown, New Jersey, Stéphane Hardy invented the story of Dave Malis, a New York sonneur, born to an American father and Breton mother who emigrated in 1919.

The Dave Malis Project blends music, images and storytelling, drawing on background work to collect historical information from sound and picture archives. Since 2015, it has evolved through various stages of creation, from a concert to these “private headphone sessions”, which will be presented to fifty spectators at Les Tombées de la Nuit. Each spectator will be given headphones and can sit wherever they want in the concert venue, right beside the quintet. The music plays out in a space of intense intimacy and unique sensorial proximity.

The Dave Malis Project quintet falls somewhere between traditional music, jazz, urban music and contemporary music, bringing together Kreizh Breizh and the Big Apple in a dreamlike concrete jungle. It paints a new audio landscape, modifying the approach to land and territories by proposing a new way of mapping cultures, with a contemporary perspective firmly established in the past and the notion of “unrooted” cultures.


Stéphane Hardy started playing the bombard in the bagad (Breton band) Kadoudal in Vern-sur-Seiche, before teaching a variety of formats (bombard lessons, relationships between physical movements and music, small and large musical ensembles) in a number of different places (traditional or classical music schools, bagads, short courses), while continuing to explore music with violinist Régis Huby and take Jazz lessons from Jean Philippe Lavergne and Jean Mathias Petri at the Saint Brieuc Conservatoire. From 2002 to 2008, he studied the shehnai (bombard from Northern India) under Ustad Bismillah Khan in Bénarès, and singing under Ollivier Leroy. He created La Part des Anches with musician Mathieu Sérot, a Rennes association dedicated to popular oboe music and social poetry. It is also home to the Sérot/Janvier big band and Groove Cie, Les Rencontres d’Orchestre de Transe and cultural events that build bridges between Brittany, India and Morocco.


Stéphane HARDY : Bombards, Compositions & artistic direction
Guillaume BOUGEARD : Trumpet
Martin CHAPRON : Guitar
Rénald FLEURY : Double Bass
Camille CARTE : Drums
Chloé OSTE : Live Sound
MAD FAB : Device & Sound Signature


Les Tombées de La Nuit, La Part des Anches, Les Studios ZF Prod & La Maison Maire.

Friday 06 July 2018
18:30 > 19:30
Hôtel Le Magic Hall, Rue de la Quintaine, Rennes
Friday 06 July 2018
22:00 > 23:00
Hôtel Le Magic Hall, Rue de la Quintaine, Rennes
Sunday 08 July 2018
11:00 > 12:00
Chapelle du Conservatoire, 30 rue Hoche, Rennes
Sunday 08 July 2018
16:00 > 17:00
Chapelle du Conservatoire, 30 rue Hoche, Rennes

Free ticketing on site 30 min. before the show begins
Métro : Sainte-Anne / Bus : C1-C5-9-12-36-51-70-71 / Arrêt de Bus : Sainte-Anne . Place Hoche / Vélo : Place Hoche

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