Photo : Cité Fertile © Hugo Kostrzewa
Cité Fertile
Quignon sur rue
Site-specific poetic and culinary urban exploration
For all ages
Their delicious living staging delighted the Étangs d’Apigné in 2014 and 2015 with the theatrical pizzas of La Grande Distribution. The Rennes-based company Quignon sur rue continues its poetic culinary research with this new site-specific production, presented at Les Tombées de la Nuit, which will continue all summer long in the Cleunay neighbourhood. Cité fertile uncovers places and their residents to create a lively culinary and sound promenade, offering a different view of the city and its natural spaces “right where we plant seeds and grow”.

Peggy Dalibert, Charlotte Cabanis and Anne Lalaire have been in residency in the Cleunay neighbourhood since January, for a long process of meeting people, exploring and collecting to build the foundation for this holistic artistic project. Cité Fertile focuses on the “act of nourishing”, in a cooperative performance experience on a gentle slope, which takes the time to gather, plant, sow and harvest, to organise poetic and fun culinary moments based on the resources of the place, to cultivate images, sounds and experiences. Working with a scenographer (Camille Riquier), a photographer (Catherine Duverger) and a musician (Nicolas Méheust), and with the support of landscapers, botanists and agronomists, Quignon Sur Rue creates an experiment in citizen utopia that plants seeds and explores other urban and cultural developments and trajectories.

Built around collective writing and experiments with the local residents, the project will be presented as a staged sound and culinary urban walk, with headphones and multidisciplinary installations. The expanding journey will be punctuated by fertile breaks, wild banquets, wandering soups, photographic portraits and visual art works. All these artistic and culinary creations and performances will serve as a way of collectively re-appropriating common spaces, in a beautiful work of site-specific invention and intervention.



Established ten years ago around a collective of street artists, the Rennes-based company wanted to promote and develop cultural practices using bread dough. Charlotte Cabanis, Peggy Dalibert, Laurent Lebarbe, Benoit Bachus and René Paul Lemercier built a mobile oven and invented a living show to be enjoyed in public space around pizza making. In this delicious artistic performance, the beauty of the craft and the daily life of the craftsman transformed the ordinary into the extraordinary. Since then, Quignon Sur Rue has been developing other collective artistic culinary projects in public space, including the making of giant soups and participatory banquets. This focus on the act of nourishing, conviviality and learning will find new expression in this latest large-scale production, Cité Fertile, a site-specific project researched and created in Liffré (2020 and 2021), before moving to the company’s new HQ in Cleunay.


Peggy Dalibert (co directrice artistique), Charlotte Cabanis (co directrice artistique), Anne Lalaire (ingénieure culturelle), Camille Riquier (scénographe), Nicolas Méheust (musicien), Catherine Duverger (photographe)

Friday 24 June 2022 > Wednesday 21 September 2022
Jardin de la Corbinière, Rennes

Bus : 9, Arrêt Malakoff • Vélo Star : 68 rue Claude Bernard

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