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Chocolate Genius inc.
Chocolate Genius Inc.
(United States)

The American Mark Anthony Thompson, alias CHOCOLATE GENIUS INC., is not your traditional songwriter. For around twenty-five years, his career has involved a mix of resounding successes and time out of the limelight. His ground-breaking musical talents were forged alongside other independent figures such as Marc Ribot, Meshell Ndegeocello and John Medenski. He is too free to be forced into a specific genre and has won the admiration of his peers. From David Byrne to Philip Glass, the cream of the New York music community have unconditional respect for him and French free spirits such as Vincent Segal or Seb Martel sing his praises. His song writing is subtle yet universal, striking a balance between sound experiments and traditional writing, pure artistic research and exploration of the depths of the human soul. He incarnates the multifaceted components of American identity, including the light and savvy spirit of Van Dyke Parks, the frenzied prophecies of Sly Stone, the sheer rage of ancestral blues, the edgy jubilation of Manhattan jazz, the raw energy of indie rock and the sensual rumble of soul. But it is on stage that Mark Anthony Thompson’s art reaches its pinnacle. Here and in his sublime two latest albums, Swansongs and the brand new Truth vs. Beauty, he distils his panoramic art form into a single, intimate breath, leaving his weightless gravity to strengthen the performance’s outstanding beauty. Chocolate Genius Inc. will be accompanied by French Guitarist Sébastien Martel (-M-, Camille, Morcheeba, etc.)

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