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Les Tombées de la Nuit present
Carte blanche to Thomas Chaussebourg
Compagnie Thomas Chaussebourg
At the festival in 2011, THOMAS CHAUSSEBOURG and his horse, WAR ZAO, forever changed our perspectives of modern dance with the revelation of this magnificent black Friesian stallion, moving freely and in choreographic symbiosis with his dancer.

FRIDAY, 21 JULY 2017
20H30>21H00 : GWIN ZEGAL
22H45>23H30 : MA BETE NOIRE

18H00>18H45 : MA BETE NOIRE
20H30>21H00 : GWIN ZEGAL
22H45>23H30 : MA BETE NOIRE

SUNDAY, 23 JULY 2017
15H30>16H15 : MA BETE NOIRE
17H15>17H45 : GWIN ZEGAL
20H00>20H45 : MA BETE NOIRE

This time around, THOMAS CHAUSSEBOURG was given carte blanche and invites us to discover his world with three more shows:
– A new version of the man and animal duo, MA BÊTE NOIRE
– A new trio production that continues to explore the relationship between the dancer and his horse: GWIN ZEGAL with musician Patrick Molard on the Scottish bagpipes.
– A duo performance: DERRIÈRE LE BLANC with choreographer and painter Jean-Antoine Bigot and musician Pascal Ferrari, from the Ex Nihilo company.
This carte blanche in three acts offers several ways to discover this fascinating world combining dance, dressage, music, and painting.

MA BETE NOIRE : Under a giant 15m wide and 8m high aviary infused with the voice of Alain Bashung, around a simple couch sitting on the dirt stage, an unbridled black horse freely embarked on a long choreography with his dancer. After touring the festival circuit, THOMAS CHAUSSEBOURG and his Friesian stallion, WAR ZAO, return to Tombées de la Nuit for a new performance of their evolving show. It is a story without words, with horse dancing and untamed raw and liberated choreography. The performance is a series of beautiful moving tableaus and magical theatre moments that showcase a unique relationship between man and animal.

GWIN ZEGAL : with this musical choreography created at the Festival Cirque et Mer in Plougrescant (Côtes d’Armor) last September, Thomas Chaussebourg and War Zao change their interaction, this time with the horse mounted and bridled, like in traditional riding, accompanied by PATRICK MOLARD on the Scottish bagpipes. Water is brought into this triangular performance (in this case the freshwater of the Étangs d’Apigné), revealing once again the incredible openness and artistic transparency of the man and horse duo.

DERRIÈRE LE BLANC : an outdoor and immersive performance from Jean-Antoine BIGOT, moving in time to the guitar playing of Pascal FERRARI. Both are from the Marseille-based company, Ex Nihilo, one of the festival’s partners, and bring new imagination to movement and artistic creation. “Painting has always been close to my career as a dancer… and I wanted to do it live. With painting you have to engage your body and use space, letting yourself be carried away by the energy and movement. Dance isn’t much different, which is why I wanted to use it.” – Jean-Antoine Bigot
Three acts, three days, three encounters, three soundtracks and three perspectives to discover or rediscover the outstanding work and art of Thomas Chaussebourg, a fascinating artist who is constantly evolving and inventing.


As a former P.E. teacher and singer in a rock band, THOMAS CHAUSSEBOURG discovered dance in the 1980s and perfected his art at the Regional National Conservatory (CNR) of Poitiers. He quickly embarked on a professional career with choreographers Odile Azagury, Alain Abadie, Christophe Egrot, Gisèle Gréau, Sylvie Seidman, and Ali Salmi, learned improvisation with dancer Julyen Hamilton, and then joined the Compagnie Tango Sumo (Morlaix) in 2003. Based in Brittany, he founded his own company to develop research into immobility and the concept of presence (especially with “Les Bourgeois de Calais”, a street production first performed as a solo, then with six dancers, from 1994 to 2004, and “Ankou” in 2000). When WAR ZAO came into his life, it spurred the idea of using horses in his performances, to such an extent that that he focused on the Dance/Horse relationship in his first production of “Ma Bête Noire” in 2011. He has always defended the idea of dance outside the regular confines of theatre and conventional venues, and tirelessly continues to explore the relationship between dancer and horse.


Conception et jeu pour ma bête noire : Thomas Chaussebourg et War Zao

Conception et jeu pour Gwin Zegal : Thomas Chaussebourg et War Zao – Musique : Patrick Mollard ( cornemuse )

Conception et jeu pour Derrière le Blanc : Pascal Ferrari ( musique ) et Jean-Antoine Bigot ( chorégraphie et danse ).

Les Étangs d'Apigné (Base nautique)


cognitif moteur
(Ma Bête Noire: visual event, accessible to the deaf and hearing impaired)
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