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New Work
La Boîte Noire
Elisa Le Merrer - Compagnie 3***
Cube device for shared intimate video performance

La Boîte Noire (Dark Room) is a wooden structure in which Elisa Le Merrer invites artists to perform to a camera, which broadcasts the performances live to the public on a big screen. Under the camera’s gaze, the audience becomes both spectator and actor. Banc de Poissons (Shoal of Fish) is perpetual-motion dance performance that focuses on the different, interchangeable, constantly shifting roles played by each individual in a group. A group of people in a box perform actions, in interaction with the public. As audience members come in and out, the group and their actions shift and change.


Elisa Le Merrer (conception), Pauline Goasmat (vidéaste), Mr QQ (constructeur) – Co-production les Tombées de la Nuit / Rennes

Parvis de l'Hôtel Dieu

cognitif visuel
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